* Operating condition as the October 25, 2021

The adhering to status reflects a constant Harford County condition of “high transmission” as identified by the CDC.

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This info will it is in updated together recovery initiatives evolve, and also the COVID-19 situation changes.


Board of education Balancing Enrollment publicly Input Session

Join the plank of education and learning of Harford County because that a hybrid, windy engagement forum to comment on balancing enrollment.


2022 commencement Schedule

The 2022 beginning dates have been updated! The to update schedule starts on Friday, June 3, 2022.



2022 Teacher the the Year Nominations currently Accepted!

Nominate your teacher today, and also let us know why girlfriend think they have to be recognized as the 2022 Teacher that the Year!


Balancing Enrollment

The border review process is essential to optimize basic utilization, or much more simply, come make sure our structures are being used to serve students in the best method possible.


Harford glen Volunteer Counselor Applications

The Harford valley volunteer counselor application is now 100% online. Use today!


Now Hiring! is committed to recruiting and also retaining effective and diverse educators and also staff to develop a climate of student success and also improve learning experiences for every son in every classroom.

worldwide Baccalaureate Self-Study and Remote evaluation Visit in ~ Edgewood High School; The board of Education and also Two Employee union Jointly notice Agreements have actually Been reached for value Increases; Grant-Funded Judy facility Opened at Hall’s Cross roadways Elementary School; Harford ar Public colleges Parent Academy Announces September Winner for household Friendly institution Award Program; National education Nonprofit, DoD STEM Launch college Readiness regime at Military-Connected Bel Air and C. Milton light High Schools; Harford county Public institutions Seeks Applicants for Audit Committee; Harford ar Public schools Announces acquire Scholarship Recipients; 15 Harford ar Public schools Employees called 2019 Support solutions Superstars ; regional FFA Members Selected to contend Nationally ; boosting STEM scores and emotional learning earns teacher Erin Wyatt a $25,000 Milken educator Award
BIOTECH Pathways Workshop
Fallston High SGA yielded "thank you" letter to veterans
Last week, the Fallston High institution SGA delivered 'thank you' letter to veterans. All social studies classes enforcement a Veteran’s work les...
2021 Safeway structure School spirit Campaign
The 2021 Safeway foundation SCHOOL spirit campaignraised $2906.17onbehalf ofSouthampton middle School! top top October 5th, note Glenn, ...
Erika Edwards well-known as Outstanding early Career Teacher
Erika Edwards, at north Harford High School, was well-known as the Outstanding at an early stage Career Teacher by the Maryland farming Teachers Association! She w...
Christy Renzulli receive Student solutions Star Award
Congratulations come Christy Renzulli, institution Counselor in ~ Norrisville elementary school School, on being recognized as the receiver of the 4th student Servic...
Panthers for the Planet
The Bel Air middle School ecology club, Panthers because that the Planet, recently won first place in the Caring for Our Watersheds competition because that the Chesapeake B...
Maryland ProStart Brunch Battle
Liam Logan, a small at Havre de elegant High School, competed in the an initial ever Maryland ProStart Brunch Battle! He worked with mentor chef, Jon müller of T...
Water Safety trial and error Results
In an answer to demands stipulated in HB 270, pass by the basic Assembly and signed right into law by branch Larry Hogan. Harford ar Public Schools...
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plank of education Meeting 6:30 pm - A.A. Roberty Building
3-hour beforehand Dismissal for Schools and also Offices
holiday (Christmas Eve) - Schools and Offices closeup of the door
Winter break - Schools and also Offices close up door
colleges Reopen ~ Winter rest
plank of education and learning Meeting 6:30 pm - A.A. Roberty Building
3-hour at an early stage Dismissal for every Students
vacation (Martin Luther King Jr"s birthday Observance) - Schools and Offices closed
2nd Quarter/First Semester end
3-hour at an early stage Dismissal for every Students
board of education and learning Meeting 6:30 pm - A.A. Roberty Building
third Quarter/Second Semester begins





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Currently on screen as a part of the Countywide Student art Exhibit ns at the A.A. Roberty Building. 102 S. Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014

nearby Information and Updates

UPDATE: DECEMBER 8, 2021The complying with information will certainly be sent directly to every parents and also guardians the high institution seniors this evening at 5:00 p.m. Via Connect5 phone, email, and also text message.To be proactive and ensure in-person graduations will certainly take location again this year as well as to provide students and also families through the maximum number of guest tickets, Harford ar Public institutions will hold high school commencement ceremonies at Ripken stadion in Aberdeen again this year. To utilize Ripken Stadium, graduation ceremony dates have been booked for the week of June 6, 2022.Future Links and John Archer school ceremonies will be hosted June 3, 2022 at alternate locations.The last in-school day for seniors this year will certainly be Thursday, might 26, 2022.This is a readjust from the previously advertised graduation timeline. Friend can additionally find this information in the scrolling banner DECEMBER 7, 2021BOARD OF education OF HARFORD COUNTYNOTICE OF public COMMENT PARTICIPATIONMONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2021BALANCING ENROLLMENT public INPUT SESSION: 6:30 pm – 7:30 PM*The board will obtain public comments concerned the object of Balancing Enrollment only.This meeting will certainly be performed in a hybrid fashion and public attendance will be permitted as explained below:DOORS WILL open up AT 6:20 PM and THE meeting WILL begin AT 6:30 PMThe plank of education of Harford county will host a hybrid Balancing Enrollment public Input session on Monday, December 13, 2021, in ~ 6:30 afternoon in the board Room the the A.A. Roberty building with plank Members, staff, and presenters in attendance both virtually and in-person. A 60-seat capacity will certainly be available to the public.Seats will certainly be accessible on a very first come-first offered basis.The meeting will be streamed live and also archived for later viewing top top the Website.Public Comment participation Call-In ProcessCommunity members who wish to administer comments virtually during the Public comments segment the the organization meeting are required to it is registered by completing the general public Comment it is registered Form.Registrations should be received by 9:00 am on Monday, December 13, 2021. All areas on the registration type must it is in completed.1. An initial and last name2. Email Address3. Phone Number4. Registration creates are restricted to one (1) every person-Registered speakers will receive an e-mail from through a Call-in phone # and a Conference id #.-Registered speaker are forced to call-in and also enter the conference ID# in ~ 6:30 afternoon on Monday, December 13, 2021.-Important: If you room unable come take your phone turn off mute, you may need come dial *6.-If you are admitted indigenous the online lobby to the meeting, you will certainly be greeted by an employee member as soon as it is time to begin your publicly comment. Expected organize time in the digital lobby may vary based on variety of registered speakers. The preferably wait time in the lobby is 30 minutes; must you it is in disconnected please call back.Public Comment joining In-Person ProcessPersons who space attending the conference in person, as provided above, may make in-person windy comment. Plank Comment cards will certainly be available for Board conference attendees prior to the Board meeting for sign-up. Plank Comment Registration forms are restricted to one (1) every person.The Board has actually authorized public comment as follows:-Board policy permits speaker three (3) minute to provide comments. However, Board plan authorizes the plank to minimize the quantity of time allocated to each speaker if allocating 3 minutes to each speaker will impede the Board’s ability to complete scheduled business.-The board will obtain in-person windy comment first and digital public comment second. The board expects the all comments will certainly be submitted with the decorum and respect proper to the command of public business.-Topics such as personnel matters, pending appeals, particular student disciplinary problem or i m sorry constitute advertisement solicitations room not permitted.-Disparaging comments, an individual attacks, and also inflammatory remarks about specific schools or personnel room not permitted. Speakers who interact in these comments will be reminded of the rules and the plank reserves the best to remove the speaker.-All public comment submitted will be part of the records kept by the plank office.Speakers space reminded that public comment are considered public information and,as such, are subject to the Maryland Public details Act.UPDATE: DECEMBER 7, 2021The complying with information will certainly be sent straight to every students and also staff in ours mass interaction phone, email, and text on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 in ~ 5:00 p.m.

At the December 6, 2021 board of education meeting, board members voted to give Superintendent Bulson’s recommendation to do the following calendar adjustments:

January 21, march 4, April 1, and May 6, 2022 will currently be at an early stage dismissals for students.As a reminder, half-day PreK does NOT fulfill on beforehand dismissal days.

These included early dismissal days because that students will administer staff extra planning time to finest serve our students together we proceed to face new challenges this school year.

In addition:

April 13, 2022 will certainly be very early dismissal because that students and staff.This job was formerly scheduled as very early dismissal because that students only.April 14, 2022 will be a systemwide closure.This work was formerly scheduled together a professional advance day for staff; colleges were closed for students.We encourage students and staff to take it this added time to rest and also relax prior to returning after feather break.

This information has been to update on the calendar pageand mutual on society media.UPDATE: NOVEMBER 19, 2021The adhering to information will be sent straight to all households with an email in our mass communications system on Friday, November 19, 2021 in ~ 1:30 p.m.

Please take a moment to review the following message native about inclement weather operations throughout the 2021-2022 institution year:

Inclement Weather operations 2021-2022

Below is the post from the connected video, have to you choose to read the upgrade here:

"As the weather it s okay colder, we reminisce about 'traditional' eye days from prior to COVID, and also of course, think around virtual instruction the took place last year- even on eye days! as we wait for those an initial flakes to loss this year, we desire to give our students and staff a rapid update on just how inclement weather will be handle this year.

First, thank you to every one of you that completed the survey about what staff and also families would favor to check out on impending weather work this year. There are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration moving forward. One element that must be considered is if we hold asynchronous virtual instruction, as many survey respondent requested, will certainly it count in the direction of the state forced 180 instructional days? till we can confidently check that is the case, will utilize systemwide closures on incl weather days. These will certainly ensure the security of students travel on buses and carry out consistent messaging because that staff. Systemwide closures median schools and also offices space closed no instruction, in human or virtual, will take place. Important personnel will certainly receive additional instruction native their immediate supervisors as soon as needed. Transportation solutions will it is in suspended. Us will continue to shot to make and also deliver these decisions the night before; not only does this help families and staff prepare because that the closure, it ensures our transport department that transports college student to countless out of ar placements that require bus routes start much earlier and lasting much more into the evening 보다 a traditional bus route, has actually plenty that notice, too.

If conditions permit for a delayed opened or require an early dismissal, will certainly conduct those operational changes in the exact same manner they will apply to every students and staff and also essential personnel will receive additional instruction from their immediate supervisor.

Again, if the announcement claims it is a systemwide closure, all schools and also offices room shut down and also essential personnel will receive extr information from their supervisor.

If we have the right to operate basically on inclement weather days in the future, we will be sure to re-superstructure that with you as at an early stage as possible."

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 16, 2021The complying with information will certainly be sent straight to all family members via phone, email, and text via our mass interactions system Tuesday, November 16, 2021 in ~ 5:00 p.m.

We would favor to announce a brand-new feature obtainable onhunterriverpei.comfor those utilizing bus transportation. If your bus or bus course is suffering a known delay, information will be posted as shortly as feasible viatheSchool Bus route Statusbutton on the homepage. The details is designedto carry out the duration of the hold-up and even if it is a bus replacement will certainly be necessary.

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Thank friend for your patience together we proceed to face obstacles like staffing shortages in our transportation department. If friend or someone you recognize is interested in cultivate to become an bus driver, please apply at