Symbol: IAtomic Number: 53Atomic Weight: 126.904Classification: HalogenPhase in ~ Room Temperature: SolidDensity: 4.933 grams per cm cubedMelting Point: 113.7°C, 236.66°FBoiling Point: 184.3°C, 363.7°FDiscovered by: young name Courtois in 1811Iodine is the fourth element in the seventeenth obelisk of the regular table. It is classified together a halogen and also a non-metal. Iodine atoms have actually 53 electrons and 53 protons through 7 valence electrons in the external shell.Characteristics and PropertiesUnder standard conditions iodine is a dark blue-black solid. Iodine crystals can sublimate directly from a solid come a gas. As a gas, iodine is a purple vapor.Iodine is a relatively active element, however is somewhat less energetic than the various other halogens over it in the regular table which encompass bromine, chlorine, and also fluorine. Iodine can form compounds with many elements. Some of its most typical compounds are formed with sodium and also potassium.Pure iodine have the right to be dangerous to handle bring about the skin to burn and damage come the eyes.Where is it found on Earth?Iodine is fairly rare, yet is discovered in both the Earth"s crust and in ocean water. Over there is in reality a greater concentration of iodine in the s than in the Earth"s crust. Some s plants such as seaweed have a high concentration of iodine. The is additionally found in secret brines close to oil and natural gas reserves.

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How is iodine used today?
Iodine has actually a variety of uses. It is offered in sanitation systems and as one antiseptic to kill germs and also bacteria. That is likewise used in its radioactive type to allow doctors come diagnose clinical issues and diseases.Other applications include pet feed, cloud seeding, dyes, and photography.Iodine is also an important element because that life. That plays vital role in the thyroid gland the controls the body"s development rate. Too tiny iodine can cause a person to have stunted growth and also slower cognitive development (less intelligent). To make sure that human being get sufficient iodine, it is often included to salt in what is called iodized salt.How to be it discovered?Iodine was an initial discovered and also isolated by French chemist boy name Courtois in 1811. Courtois stumbled across iodine once running experiment on seaweed. It to be French chemist Gay-Lussac who very first named iodine together a new element and suggested the name.Where did iodine acquire its name?Iodine gets its name from the Greek indigenous "iodes" which way "violet."IsotopesIodine has one steady isotope the occurs naturally, iodine-127.Interesting Facts about IodineMany people get the iodine they require in their diets from eating seaweed.It is the heaviest element that is important for human life and health.Foods affluent in iodine encompass fish, diary commodities (milk, cheese, yogurt), part fruits and also vegetables, and also iodized salt.Pregnant females need more iodine than the median person. Castle can get this with dietary supplements.Too lot iodine is harmful and also can do a person an extremely sick. Never ever take iodine uneven instructed through a doctor.
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