two hours and also 15 minutes prior to kickoff, both groups will be compelled to bring 24 footballs (12 primary and 12 back-up) come the Officials’ Locker Room because that inspection. Two video game Officials, designated by the Referee, will certainly conduct the inspection and record the PSI measurement of every football. The League’s defense Representative will certainly observe the investigate process. Primary game balls because that each team will certainly be numbered one with 12, and any video game ball within the allowable selection of 12.5 PSI come 13.5 PSI will certainly be approved, and also the PSI level will certainly not it is in altered. Any game ball that is figured out to be over 13.5 PSI or under 12.5 PSI will either be deflated or ihunterriverpei.comated to 13.0 PSI. The exact same procedure will certainly be followed with respect to the back-up collection of game balls for each team.Upon approval, each game ball and back-up ball will be stamped with the Referee’s distinctive mark at the corners of every non-insignia panel. The number of the sphere will be put at the same location.Once the game balls are approved by the Referee, the K-Ball Coordinator (KBC) will take custody of and remain responsible for the defense of the video game balls and also back-up balls for each club. They will certainly remain in the custody of the KBC until 10 minutes prior to kickoff. At the point, the KBC together with a designated video game Official and the League’s protection Representative will carry the footballs come the on-field replay station. ~ above arrival, the game balls will be distributed to every club’s sphere Crew in the existence of the security Rep. The back-up balls will stay in the officials’ locker room and also will it is in secured to the satisfaction of the Referee before the KBC leaving for the playing field.At designated games, selected at random, the video game balls supplied in the an initial half will certainly be gathered by the KBC in ~ halftime, and the League’s protection Representative will escort the KBC with the footballs come the Officials’ Locker room. Throughout halftime, each video game ball because that both groups will it is in inspected in the locker room through designated members that the officiating and security crews, and the PSI outcomes will be measured and recorded. Once measured, those video game balls will then it is in secured and removed native play.For this randomly selected games only, the back-up footballs will be provided for each team throughout the second half. About three minutes before kickoff, the KBC along v a designated game Official will carry the back-up set of game balls come the on-field replay terminal to be distributed to each club’s sphere Crew.At the end of any randomly selected game, the KBC will return the footballs come the Officials’ Locker Room where all game balls from each team will certainly be inspected and the results will be recorded.All video game ball details will be tape-recorded on the Referee’s Report, which need to be submitted to the league office by noon on the day complying with the game.All gauges will certainly be certified before each season through Wilson Sporting Goods. Every Referee will be listed with a primary and also backup gauge.

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See more: What Does Baby Garden Snakes Eat ? Oh! What Does A Baby Garter Snake Eat football will keep a back-up supply together well. The same gauge will be provided for pregame, halftime, and postgame testing.
how many footballs are used in an nfl game