Prank calls provided to be a form of silliness peculiar to childish and also immature people. Today it is entertaining contents for which that is worth paying money, at the very least Rickey Smiley makes money v it. The comedian, who is best known because that his prank calls, has actually been the subject of three tv broadcasts and a national radio program around his prank calls.

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Maybe Rickey is simply an outlier once it comes to what the human being thinks that prank calls. If that is the case, we should investigate the male who opposes the world’s opinion that prank calls and learn an ext about him. Review on to learn more about the biography and also career of Rickey Smiley

Rickey Smiley Bio

The prank caller and also reality TV star is an Alabama-born comedian that was born on respectable 10, 1968. His actual name is Broderick Smiley, yet he calls self Rickey and also grew increase in Birmingham.

Rickey is african American and also attended Alabama State University and also Tuskegee college for his education. During his studies at Alabama State University, he to be a member that the Omega Psi Phi Phi Fraternity and the Kappa Kappa Psi nationwide Honorary band Fraternity.

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Rickey’s career in comedy began in 2000 as hold of the BET shows Comic View. He excelled in his duty as host and also was timeless signed ~ above for five years. A official contract with the TV Network-enabled that to organize other television reflects such together The Nashville Network, Comic Escape, and Uptown Comedy Club. He has likewise worked ~ above HBO’s legendary comedy display Def Comedy Jam.

Before Rickey discovered his niche in prank phone calls, he mainly played outrageous fictional characters. He uncovered his place in the comedy human being when he started working because that a Dallas radio station, CBFB, in 2004. He was readily available the opportunity to be the host of the morning radio show. One of the outstanding features of the present was the distinctive phone call conversations because that which Rickey Smiley is well-known today. Along with the information, news, and also the play of the latest hip-hop music, the present quickly ended up being popular among listeners. In 2008, he was offered to present his hit show nationwide and also he accepted the offer.

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The present “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” gained an excellent popularity with prank calls wherein the comedian disguises his voice come amuse the audience and also calls a random number come amuse the listeners. Few of the most notable pranks he has actually performed space “Uncle Melvin”, where he called his uncle and pretended to be a male who is convinced that his girlfriend has left him. He emerged the joke additional by making sure that the character punctuated every of his remarks with the word “buddy”.

Due come the popularity of his show, especially the prank calls, Rickey Smiley has actually released albums that his prank calls, 6 albums in total with the album “Rickey Smiley”: Vol 6 is a best-selling comedy album ~ above iTunes. Exterior of radio, Rickey Smiley has showed up in several movies and also television shows, consisting of his very own reality TV show, Rickey Smiley for actual in 2015, and his filmography lists movies such as Friday after following (2002) and also Baggage claim (2013).

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Kids, Wife, or Girlfriend, Is the Married?

Despite his ten children, 2 biological and eight embraced children, Rickey is at this time single. He likewise only learned that the visibility of one of his biological children once the boy was six years old. Rickey has proclaimed that he has actually no desire to be married. It might seem strange that a solitary man raising ten children, but the comedian has actually expressed that the lose of his dad at the age of 6 has absorbed in the the enthusiasm for raising and also helping children.

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Rickey Smiley Siblings

Rickey Smiley is generally thought about an only child. It is also common expertise that he had actually a rather complicated childhood, as he shed his father when he was just six year old. After the fatality of his father, Rickey was elevated by his grandparents. Although the is an only child, Rickey has expressed on numerous occasions that much of his early on life was fun because of the solid sense of community of the southern society and the reality that he was surrounded by numerous family members.