For the past couple of days or so, persons on society media are going a bit nuts around how Google doesn"t recognize how numerous legs a steed or line have. If you shot to Google it, Google will certainly tell friend horses have six legs and snakes have 4 legs - this is no joke.

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Try the by looking for and also you will get:


Try :


Danny Sullivan indigenous Google stated Google acquired it wrong and the team is looking exactly how they have the right to mess up on something therefore obvious. He created on Twitter "We"re aware of that. It"s likewise a pretty monster case. It"s a search that"s not frequently done since people largely currently know how countless legs a steed has. And also there"s no a most authoritative content on the topic because who"s writing about something well known like this...."

Here are his tweets, although he most likely responded to over a dozen complaints about this top top Twitter:

As because that what will happen, as soon as we encounter things favor this, us look to understand why what gained selected offered a false confident & work to improve so one entire selection of queries it s okay better. Here"s much more on how that uses to featured snippets:

— Danny Sullivan (
dannysullivan) April 29, 2019

At the very least Google knows how countless legs spiders and also humans have, for now, till someone ~ above the internet makes Google look choose a fool?



It is really not that unusual to find queries with featured snippets where Google simply gets the wrong. We could literally suggest out examples like this ~ above a everyday basis. Yet it is a lot better than what that was when featured snippets very first launched.

How did this happen? probably from a piece of contents on Wikipedia that Google trusts also much. Yet hey.

Interesting allude made through
PolarBearby on this yesterday the this may have arisen as a result of "fore" convert to "four" (2 x "fore" legs and four foot = 6 legs) in misspelling module.

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In response to Claudia Hauff sharing ->

— Dawn Anderson (
dawnieando) April 30, 2019

No, they got it native a Wikipedia web page that supplies the topic as an instance in what no to do. Https://