We are asked tocalculate the variety of electrons,protons, andneutronsinnitrogen-14andidentify if it is one anion or cation.

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Information 1:

We uncover nitrogen in the routine table inperiod 2,group 5. Its atomic number is7.


Information 2:

Nitrogen-14is one isotope of nitrogen.

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Remember thatIsotopesrepresent atoms of an element that save on computer thesame atom number(same variety of protons), butdifferent fixed numbers(different number of neutrons).

Q. A carbon-12 atom has actually 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. How countless protons does a carbon-14 atom have?
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Q. The mass variety of common krypton is 84, and its atomic number is 36. Krypton-84 has how numerous neutrons within each isotope?
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Example: Calcium-43 represents one of the isotope for the calcium atom. If the number 43 to represent its fixed number, recognize the correct numbers for its subatomic particles.