Everything from working on the pool to building and construction to utilizing a bucket in the garden for landscaping, the five-gallon bucket is a popular and also handy tool to have actually around.

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The five-gallon bucket is something girlfriend can uncover in practically any garage across the joined States.

However, over there are specific characteristics the the five-gallon bucket that even the handiest people have no education and learning on.

With together impactful a tool as the five-gallon bucket is, there are some basic facts that you must understand.

One of the very first is how much a five-gallon bucket weighs.

How lot Does A Five-Gallon Bucket Weigh?


A five-gallon bucket weighs one pound.

This is for a conventional or typical five-gallon bucket that is empty of any kind of other items or materials.

There are, however, particular companies the make five-gallon buckets the end of various other materials.

For instance, a Yeti five-gallon bucket is quite heavy-duty.

The five-gallon bucket indigenous Yeti is going come weigh five pounds.

For the most part, the five-gallon buckets room made the a really thin plastic the is draft to it is in lightweight.

The idea behind the lightweight design is that as soon as one adds other products to the bucket, the all at once weight is walking to rise considerably.

The extra weight will make it lot more difficult to bring a five-gallon bucket around.

Most world will store some type of liquid product in their five-gallon bucket, and therefore, if you space going come be transferring that around, friend will want the bucket to start out in ~ an all at once lighter weight.

The five-gallon bucket, when filled with water, is going to it is in a much different weight 보다 it is going to be once it is empty.

How lot Does A Five-Gallon Bucket Weight when Filled with Liquid?


The five-gallon bucket is walk to sweet 42 pounds when it is filled with water.

This is a considerable amount of load to carry, and most five-gallon buckets perform not have a sturdy transferring handle.

Some will have actually a simple plastic clip the attaches around a cable or metal handle, and therefore, the liquid will be facility to carry.

If friend have ever before tried to carry a five-gallon bucket of paint, you know that this gets also heavier than the water.

Paint buckets deserve to weigh more than 50 and close come 60 pounds for the five-gallon bucket.

Again, for most people, this will call for the use of 2 hands or also a little cart to assist push the hefty product around.

Overall, you likely won’t expect the hefty weight that the five-gallon bucket, so be ready for it when you shot to background it.

What can You usage A Five-Gallon Bucket For?


Now the you have a far better idea as to how lot a five-gallon bucket weighs, let’s take it a look at at some of the feasible uses because that a five-gallon bucket.

People have learned just how to use the bucket in a variety of ways through the years, but there are certainly some unique ways that will stand the end and aid you view the use of keeping buckets like these around.

There is really no ideal or wrong method to usage a five-gallon bucket, yet these are just some of the most usual applications the we have actually found.



If you revolve a five-gallon bucket over, it deserve to make a an excellent seat.

However, part five-gallon buckets space made through a more brittle material.

For world who have actually heavier weights, it can be a bit too lot for the five-gallon bucket to support, and you could potentially see it crack or autumn apart.

Some human being will additionally build a optimal for the five-gallon bucket and also make that into a seat.

With the optimal on the bucket, girlfriend can obtain a bit more of a secure seat, and you won’t need to worry around the bucket cracking.

Overall, the seat on the bucket have the right to be made as comfortable as you would like, and you can carry this with you to sports gamings or use it as a an easy place to remainder while you are doing garden work.

The chair is a good choice for use through a five-gallon bucket, however you will want to be sure to inspect on the weights.

Container Garden


Another great option because that a five-gallon bucket is to produce a container garden.

A container garden is similar to what you would use if you were placing a planter on her deck to try and flourish flowers or vegetables.

The containers room quite small in dimension and enable for one or perhaps two plants.

However, a container garden is a perfect method to usage the five-gallon bucket.

The depth that the bucket tends to be simply the right size for a range of plants, and also the good thing is that you deserve to pick these up and also move them come the areas where they get the ideal light.

Sometimes as the light changes throughout the year, it can be hard to have actually a stationary garden.

With the five-gallon bucket, relocating plants indigenous one clues to one more is really a an excellent choice to consider.



Landscaping is another perfect selection for making use of your five-gallon bucket.

Since the in its entirety weight of the bucket is only one pound, girlfriend can carry it about the yard v you and fill it with debris from the yard.

As you relocate from one area come another, you can include pinecones or weeds the you traction out, and also it have the right to keep you more organized as you finish your project.

Landscaping is frequently satisfying work, however when you need to go ago over one area and clean that up as soon as you room finished, it can become quite annoying.

Instead, make sure that you have actually the bucket v you follow me the method and just keep filling it as you go.

Overall, the five-gallon bucket can also be easily rinsed out once all is said and also done and also put away rather neatly.

For smaller projects, that is much much easier than handling a wheelbarrow.

Car Wash


If you are washing her car, friend will need a huge bucket that soap and water.

It is even far better when this large bucket deserve to accommodate a broom or a brush.

Doing a car wash in her driveway is a great way to conserve a little money, yet you must have the right supplies.

Keeping a five-gallon bucket roughly is a smart selection to certain that whatever can it is in cleaned easily, and the bucket can even store her rags, soap, and brushes for the next time you have to clean.



When collecting plants from out on the farm, a five-gallon bucket is a perfect place to placed them.

Bringing a five-gallon bucket in addition to you together you space filling increase on fruits, vegetables, or grains is a good way to do fast work.

If you find that her bucket fills quickly, these are relatively cheap to purchase an ext of and have around.

Many farmer who occupational with a crew in a fashion similar to an assembly heat will usage five-gallon buckets to make fast work that the harvest.



Having to move firewood into the home to burn can be a bit tricky.

There are bags the you deserve to use, but if girlfriend don’t happen to have actually a bag, a five-gallon bucket will occupational quite well.

The bucket have the right to fit sticks, bigger logs, and also even some kindling if necessary.

Overall, moving firewood native one place to an additional can be fairly heavy.

The truth that the bucket just weighs one pound will aid ensure the the firewood is a little less difficult to transport.

DIY Projects


There are plenty of DIY jobs that civilization have come up through to usage a five-gallon bucket.

The buckets have the right to be provided to do dog feeders, deer feeders, and more.

However you decide to use your five-gallon bucket, friend should recognize that every household really needs one of these around.

Whether you use it because that fishing, carrying around farm equipment, or merely putting the to use the following time friend wash your car, it makes sense to have actually a couple of five-gallon buckets roughly your house.

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With the usual bucket weighing in right at one pound, the lightweight attributes will aid you attain quite a little of work without any type of extra stress, overload on her back.