If you are considering shingle roof replacing, that is essential to almost right the weight of your roof debris roof tear-off procedure produces. Determining the weight, in the beginning, can help you minimization the cost of roof disposal. Plus, understanding shingles’ weight provides it simple to select the dumpster’s service that provides the weight allowance.

By recognize out exactly how much go a bundle that shingles weigh, you can avoid expensive dues (sometimes up to $100).

How lot does a bundle the shingles weigh

That means as a building owner; you require to discover out or calculate shingle’s weight as soon as replacing and also repairing your roof. It can be her tear-off project, for example, when you desire to replace damaged shingles (due come storm or any type of other reason).

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As pointed out earlier, it is a component of her replacement project and also the weight of your shingles is crucial to discover out to deposit the old product for final removal.

Often, it calls for you selecting a trusted dumpster service that provides trash removal and the correct load allowance. It is precious noting that if you calculation the less amount the the product you removed, the may expense you high charges. However, in instance you over-calculate the estimate, you might end up paying for the dumpster an are you perform not need.

To aid you out, below we have enlisted vital details to calculate shingle weight and also factors you have to consider before buying brand-new shingles.

Factors to Consider prior to Buying Shingles


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When it is around understanding the roofing industry, you should be mindful of some certain terms. One together term is “roofing square. Know that the is equal to to100 sq. Ft.

When girlfriend buy shingles, girlfriend find many roofing contractors using this term rather of square feet. Friend must understand that if her home’s roof procedures 600 sq. Ft, it equates to to 6 (six) roofing squares. That is causing obligation to understand this hatchet to determine the load of her roofing material. The is because you market your roofing shingles in squares, but you acquisition them in the bundles.

As every the dominion of thumb, one bundle of shingles have the right to cover one-third 1/3rd of the square. Remember the the more thick bundle of shingles is much more durable and can provide a much better converge area. Because that instance, if girlfriend buy a high-quality, extra-thick bundle the shingles, it covers the less area as compared to the bundle. It may drive up to the price of home development significantly.

That is whereby you need to use a calculate to discover out the sizes and amounts. If heavy material covers only one-third of her roof area, you will certainly divide it by the factor of 3.

Type the the Shingles

Note that no all types of shingles are the same, particularly when it pertains to its making. Return all types of shingles come in packaged bundle form that renders them portable, their amount might vary significantly. That usually counts on the shingle type inside the bundle.

Shingles commonly come in 50 to 85 pounds. The simple 3-tab shingles space 50 come 60 pounds; however, i have lot of money architectural shingles are around 60 to 80 pounds. The cedar shingles might come in a range between 40 to 85 pounds. (The specific price range may vary and also depends top top if the shingle is dried or wet).

Quality that Shingles

The 2nd important element that you require to think about is the quality of shingles. You might have viewed shingles with various warranty limits. As mentioned previously, the long warranty the shingles translates to far better durability.

How to calculation the Bundle that Shingle

If you have comprised your mind come buy brand-new shingles, it is essential to figure out how you will transport them from home development store to your house. And also to determine that you require to find out what lot you should buy and also how it will certainly fit in the truck. Remember that you have actually to lug shingles ~ above foot native the valve to her house.

First, calculate your roof’s full area. ~ that, decide if friend want high-end shingle or shingles make of three-tab asphalt. Come buy regular shingles, multiply Roofing Square by the variable of 3. For example, if her roof’s size is 6 squares, friend will need 18 pounds. Generally, roofing contractors use the offer guidelines;

50 to 85 pounds because that 1 bundle

150 to 250 pounds because that 1 square

You can likewise use these numbers to recognize your shingles will fit in a heavy load, or you need multiple trips to carry the bundles.

Weight the one bundle x total variety of bundles x variety of shingle layers= full weight

Using this equation, you have the right to conveniently number out the weight and dumpster’s dimension you need for removing old shingles. If this calculation method seems difficult, shot this rapid calculation. The amount of shingle product removing native the roof is same to the lot of the materials you are going to placed on it. That way finding the end the full weight the old shingles can assist you determine the load of brand-new shingles. And also it will absolutely make your task easier.

As declared above, the overall cost that your residence repair project may rise if the size and quality of shingles are different. You can consider the given key factors prior to you start the procedure of house renovation to make the correct estimate of shingle weight you room going come replace.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you deserve to sell shingles both in bundles and also by finding the end the variety of shingles, you should cover the roof every square. In roofing terminology, friend actually need the bundle the shingles come cover 100 sq. Ft. The mean shingle bundle consist of 1/3rd of a square.

If you require bundles that space light-weighted come carry, you may buy lock after estimating the top of your roof. Make sure you execute not forget to consider the quality and type of shingles before you purchase them. Both may affect the weight of the shingles.

Thus, the given technique is simple and substantial to usage to calculate the weight of shingle bundles.

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