Whether you want a heavier automobile for safety and security or a lighter automobile for better fuel efficiency, it helps to know what the mean weight of a vehicle is. Without knowing the average, it’s hard to tell if your car is hefty or light. Do the efforts to uncover this details is frustrating, too, as different websites will provide different answers. We’ve done our research, though, and also we’ve acquired your answer.

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The average new car weighs about 3,280 pounds. The price is more facility than that, though.

Car weights have actually increased in recent years; older cars will certainly weigh much less than brand-new carsDifferent models that the same car have various weights, and sometimes the distinction is fairly largeMid-sized sedans weigh much more than cars, SUV’s weigh more than both. SUV’s mean 4,800 pounds, which provides them heavier the minivans and also even trucksAmericans tend to favor heavier cars, therefore the mean weight that a car in America is higher than the average weight that a auto in EuropeThe load of mid-sized sedans ranges from 3,120 pounds come 3,986

As you can see, automobile weights selection from around one ton to practically three tons. While the average new car is 3,280 pounds, many sedans and cars room lighter 보다 that.

That’s a most information, and it might be hard to determine what it way for your search for a new sedan. Don’t worry, though- we’ll rest it down also further and give friend a better idea the what to intend from ten famous sedans in terms of weight.

How lot does a Toyota Camry weigh?

2019 Toyota Camry (XV70) 2.5 V | photograph by Alex Neman

The Camry is the most well-known sedan in America. It’s basic to see why, too. The 2020 models have a beginning price of simply under $25K; they come in a wide selection of colors, 2 engine options, and multiple deluxe editions. They’re very reliable, too. 90% of every the Camry’s sold since 1995 are still ~ above the road. More recent models have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built-in.

The base model 2020 Camry’s weigh-in a 3,241 pounds. The heaviest, peak of the line design comes in in ~ 3,572 pounds.

How lot does a Honda Accord weigh?

Accords aren’t much behind the Camry in regards to popularity. The two are comparable in virtually every way, from price to size and also even appearance. Like the Camry, the Accord comes in several various models, and there’s something to everyone’s tastes.

The Accord is just barely lighter than the Camry. Basic models sweet 3,131 pounds, if the heaviest version weighs 3,428 pounds.

How lot does a Nissan Altima weigh?

Nissan’s case to reputation is all the technology they control to cram right into their cars, and also the Altima is no exception. It has actually intelligent forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and also driver-assist technology that monitors the room in front, behind, and also on both sides of you. It likewise has remote starting, allow you to turn the car on before your in it- right for very hot or cold days when you desire the climate control active before you gain in.

The base version weighs 3,208 pounds, if the heaviest version weighs 3,438 pounds.

How lot does a Ford blend weigh?

Ford might be an ext famous for your trucks, yet they make quality sedans, too. The blend comes in gas, hybrid, and also plug-in hybrid models, with different luxury editions because that each. 2020 models incorporate blind-spot details systems, lane-keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking, and also adaptive cruise control.

Fusions room heavier cars, with the base model weighing in in ~ 3,472 pounds. The hybrids room heavier, through the conventional hybrid coming in in ~ 3,668 pounds and the plug-in hybrid hitting 3,986 pounds.

How lot does a Chevy Malibu weigh?

In Queens, brand-new York | picture by Kevauto

Another sedan native a manufacturer more famous because that trucks and also sports cars, the Chevy Malibu compare favorably to the Fusion, through which it was designed come compete, although it doesn’t have hybrid models. It does have numerous of the same features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and forward-collision alerts.

The Malibu is lighter, too. Basic models weigh 3,135 pounds, and the heaviest luxury model is 3,223 pounds.

How much does a Hyundai Sonata weigh?

The Sonata is ~ above the smaller side that the mid-size range, but it’s gained sleek styling that renders it look smaller than that is. It offers off the appearance of a vehicle that’s much an ext expensive 보다 it is, and it has the power to match. The has wonderful features, too. The smart parking assist stands out. This feature allows the vehicle to partially pull out of a parking room at the click of a button on the vital fob. The can likewise park itself through this feature, making tight parking spaces much an ext accessible.

The base design weighs just 3,120 pounds, and also the heaviest design is 3,336 pounds.

How much does a Kia Optima weigh?

The Kia Optima doesn’t necessarily have any kind of standout attributes that separate it from the pack. Still, it’s a quality car at one affordable price, and that’s helped it keep its location in the optimal ten most renowned sedans. That has features like automatic emergency braking, as these space rapidly ending up being the sector standard. It also has hybrid and also plug-in hybrid models if you are in search of a automobile that will conserve you money on gas.

The load starts in ~ 3,230 pounds and goes up to 3,558 because that the heaviest model.

How much does a Volkswagen Passat weigh?

VW Passat GTE in ~ Geneva international Motor display 2019 | photo by Matti Blume

The Passat is design with good attention to detail. It has dual-zone climate control, increased legroom because that the behind seats, 2 rear USB charging ports, heated former seats, windshield wipers that feeling the rain and activate automatically, and also a rear-view mirror that have the right to dim itself.

It does every one of this in a package that weighs 3, 325 pounds for all models.

How lot does a Subaru Legacy weigh?

When you hear “Subaru,” you probably think of the Forester or the Outback. When those room their most famous cars, the tradition sedans are much more popular 보다 most civilization realize. Through 260 horsepower and an all-wheel-drive engine that still manages 27mpg city and also 35 on the highway, it’s straightforward to check out why. It’s most likely overpowered because that a Sedan, but it’s fun to drive, and also it doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency. Subaru additionally has a reputation for reliability that rivals Toyota’s.

The base design weighs 3,499 pounds, and also the heaviest, premium design is 3,779 pounds.

How much does a Mazda 6 weigh?

As you might expect indigenous Mazda, the Mazda 6 was designed with speed and also power in mind. The doesn’t typical that castle didn’t take into consideration comfort, though, and the interior is extended in Nappa leather through wood trim because that an elegant look.

The base design weighs 3,443 pounds, and the heaviest design is 3,580 pounds

How a Car’s load Affects Fuel Efficiency

Higher weights usually bring about lower fuel efficiency, but that’s no a guarantee. The Subaru Legacy, because that instance, is one of the heaviest dare on this list, however it has actually one that the finest fuel effectiveness ratings.

Cars room heavier on typical now than they to be thirty years ago, yet are practically universally much more efficient. The weight does make a difference, and two the same engines will burn gas at various rates if lock are inserted in dare of various weights.

Car engines aren’t all identical, though, and also many components influence fuel efficiency. Engine design, the drivetrain, and also even the wheels and tires are factored in.

How much Does a little Car Weigh?

The lightest and smallest compact cars have the right to weigh much less than 2000 pounds. However, car that are still considered “small” or “compact” deserve to approach virtually 3000 pounds. Look for manufacturers to proceed to try to cut weight in order to boost fuel efficiency, even on larger cars.

Is a Heavy auto Better?

A heavy auto often gives a smoother ride, and also many people believe they are much safer (for the driver and also passengers, in ~ least). Other than that, there isn’t anything that provides heavier cars inherently better. A light car may advice faster and also may use less fuel, however this isn’t guaranteed.

Is 3,000 Pounds hefty For a Car?

Not at all. 3,000 pounds is well below average for modern-day cars. Some cars, irradiate the clever Car, room closer to 2,000 pounds, but these room the exemption to the rule. The average automobile weighs more than 3,000 pounds.

What is the most heavy Car?

RR Phantom at european Motor display | photo by Abxbay

The heaviest auto is the rolls Royce Phantom, i m sorry weighs just over 6 thousand pounds. At nearly twin the weight of the median car, the Phantom is a genuine monster. At the size, you begin to see the weight impacted fuel efficiency and handling.


Modern mid-sized sedans nearly always sweet in between three and four thousands pounds. Hybrids have tendency to it is in on the much more massive end, likely because of the weight of the battery. Be affected by each other in mind, too, that all of the weights provided here space curb weights.

The curb weight is the weight of the automobile with no passengers and no luggage, i.e., an north car. The weight increases if you include baggage, passengers, etc. A lighter car will normally be much more affected by included weight 보다 a heavier one, but all of these cars have actually somewhat similar weights.

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Just mental that vehicle weight is only one of plenty of factors in determining just how the auto will drive, and what it’s fuel effectiveness will be.