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HOW MUCH?? To have actually utility firm install new pole? the strength line to my residence is around 10 thru 11" native the ground, i require a concrete van to pertained to my backyard, to pour a patio because that me..( they stated they need atleast 12") and also i will need a couple of loads of to fill dirt too, so ns would like 15" height just to be safe for the future (roll turn off dumpsters too).so my inquiry much would it price to have actually my present raised? or a brand-new pole installed?Do i have actually to uncover a electric firm to perform this? or will certainly the energy co perform it?Is there a password on how low her lines can hang?

that relies on your utility company. If they charge complete price, several thousand dollars would not surprise me.
the power line come my home is about 10 thru 11" indigenous the ground, i need a concrete truck to come to my backyard, to pour a patio because that me..( they said they require atleast 12") and also i will require a few loads of fill dirt too, so ns would like 15" elevation just to be for sure for the future (roll off dumpsters too).
If this is your service drop and is prior to the meter, the utility firm owns this and will should be utilized. They may enable a private firm but that is up to them.
yep. There is no looking, over s drive, i think it"s 8 feet.though of running it underground? That may be cheaper relying on the distance. (power firm would it is in doing this together well, at the very least in my area)

If i were come look at relocating the overhead line...I would carry out as NAP suggests and really think about going underground. The best thing you deserve to do is speak to your PoCo, and also ask them who does what...they my no mess through a existing install other than maintenance. Give a shout to your favorite sparky and I"d bet they would fix you ideal up.

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Yes, call your strength provider and also ask lock the same inquiry you posted here. In this area, the POCO will certainly bury the latteral if you space doing a company upgrade or building and construction that needs the meter to be moved. Free. If they will not come v for you, girlfriend can constantly raise your riser (mast on height of your meter can). This additionally will call for POCO intervention. Shot to acquire the thing hidden if you can. It"s the means to go, and also looks so much better.
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