Doors and trim can often be overlooked when repainting a room, yet they’re important to perfect the crisp, modern look of her dreams. Whether you’re looking come makeover the whole room or just do a tiny touch up, using a fresh coat of paint to your doors and also the bordering trim can not it is in as straightforward as friend think.

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Before obtaining started, you’ll require to recognize the prices to repaint doors and also trim, and also how choosing to D.I.Y. Or hire specialists can have actually an result on how much friend spend. This short article will help you do some crucial decisions through addressing the complying with topics:

When considering the expense to repaint the inner of her house, girlfriend should factor in the prices of painting your doors. Before we dive into how much these options will price you, stop dive right into what species of internal doors and trim are available and exactly how to repaint your doors and trim.

Different species of interior doors

You might be surprised to find out that there are four different types of doors you’re most likely to view in a home. It’s necessary to plainly differentiate between types and recognize what type of doors girlfriend have prior to you start your project. Below are the type of doors you’re likely to have actually in your home, or are able to select from.

Flushed doors


Also well-known as “flat doors” for their completely flat surface. These will be the most basic to paint, together there room no panels to worry around painting separately.

Raised dashboard doors


Doors the are comprised of multiple pairs of panels. This calls for a need for much more intricacy once they are being painted in stimulate to avoid a messy-looking final product.

French doors


The hardest doors come paint, as they include glass surfaces in ~ the door. Painting these varieties of doors will need caution and prep job-related to avoid gaining paint ~ above the glass.

Bifold doors


Doors that slide open, designed with panels that open from the centre and also fold together. As soon as painting, you will need to be sure to paint the parts of the door that room out the sight when the door is closed.

Different types of trim and also frames

Even higher than the variety of doors is the variety of trims. Over there are countless different types of trim you can use to include value to your room, customizing the look and also feel of your doors – and entire space. Below are some of the most well-known options.



An affordable and also common trim the you’re most likely to find along her floors. If your baseboards continue to be attached come the wall surface while painting, you’ll need to take extra caution to avoid obtaining paint top top the floor.



Wooden trim that is often found about windows and door frames. Comparable to baseboard, paint your casing will call for extra work to avoid acquiring paint on her windows and also doors.

Chair rail


A decorative structure that runs along the wall and close come the floor v the intent of protecting the wall from chairs. If her chair rail is already attached to your walls, use protective steps to ensure the none the the repaint you’re making use of ends up whereby it shouldn’t.

Crown molding


Trim that runs follow me the top of the wall to sheathe up poor drywall work-related or act as a decorative piece. Once painting, be cautious to prevent accidentally obtaining paint on the wall surface or ceiling.

Picture rail


A structure that is placed greater on the wall with the purpose of sustaining hooks and pictures. Make sure to do the suitable prep work-related to avoid acquiring paint wherein it no belong, consisting of on the walls or any type of of the hooks.

Wall framework molding


A decorate trim provided to resemble the form of a snapshot frame ~ above the wall. Prefer with the other types of trim, psychic to take it precautions in order to avoid getting paint top top the walls.

Process because that painting interior doors and trim

You can think that painting a room’s doors or trim is as basic as throw on a coat of paint and leaving it come dry, but that’s often how rooms room left looking rushed and messy. It calls for patience and method to leave a room feather its best. Below are the steps to follow as soon as painting her doors and trim.

General actions for painting internal doors

Sand down the door. This will eliminate the old repaint and enable the new paint a far better chance in ~ sticking.Apply a cloak of primer of your selection to the whole surface of the door. Allow it to dry prior to you begin painting.


For help deciding what primer and paint come use, inspect out this guide.

How to paint flush doorsIf your door is a flush door, begin painting both sides with your repaint of choice, using a roller brush.Use a continuous paint brush to smooth out any kind of blotches or drips and also to paint the edges.Allow the repaint to dry for 24 hours.When the paint is dry, reattach the hinges and knobs.How to repaint raised dashboard doorsIf her door is a raised panel door, start painting through your repaint of choice by beginning with the rails (horizontal sections at the top and also bottom the the door) and stiles (the vertical outer edges of the door) with a repaint brush, making sure to follow the serial of the wood.Next, repaint each pair the panels from peak to bottom.Allow the paint to dry because that 24 hours.When the paint is dry, reattach the hinges and also knobs.How to repaint French doorsIf her door is a French door, start by using tape come the glass surfaces in bespeak to defend them native the paint.Use your repaint of choice to repaint the rails and stiles ~ above both sides of the door making use of a repaint brush.Allow the repaint to dry because that 24 hours.When the paint is dry, reattach the hinges and knobs.How to repaint bifold doorsIf your doors space bifold doors, begin painting both sides v your paint of choice, using a roller brush.Use a consistent paint brush come smooth out any kind of blotches or drips and also to repaint the edges.Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.When the repaint is dry, reattach the hinges and also knobs and also secure back into that track.


If her bifold doors look comparable to the types provided above, make certain to follow the procedures for whichever form of door the architecture is the next to. Keep in mind that the price to paint bifold doors room dependent on how numerous doors you have and the size of every door.

How to repaint exterior doorsApply a second coat of primer to the door’s trim and details with a paintbrush.Use a paintbrush or a roller to apply at the very least two coats the exterior paint to the door.If necessary, usage a paintbrush to smooth out any type of blotches or drips.Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.When the paint is dry, reattach the hinges and knobs.


Steps for paint trim

Apply caulking to any type of spaces between the wall surface and the trim.Tape off the wall, floor, and any surface you’d prefer to safeguard from the paint.Apply at the very least one coat of inside wall of your an option to the trim to stop peeling and also the hardwood grain from showing through the paint.Apply at least two coats the your repaint of selection to the trim.Let dry.

How much it costs to paint internal doors and trim


When looking come start any type of paint project, a lot of the decision do comes down to the costs. Before setting out to paint your doors and/or trim, it’s vital to gain an idea the just just how much you might potentially it is in spending. Whether it’s a D.I.Y. Project or you wanting to get a quote from a experienced painter, you’re walk to have to start by measuring every little thing that demands painted.

Steps for measuring doors and determining paint needed

Measure the length of the door (from peak edge come bottom edge) through your wanted measuring tool. Record the number.Measure the width of the door (from left leaf to ideal edge) through your wanted measuring tool. Document the number.Multiply the two measurements together to gain the square footage of the baseboard. This is the number you’ll need to calculate the cost.Repeat procedures for all other doors you wish to have actually painted.To figure out the amount of repaint needed, divide the complete amount the square footage by 400 (the quantity of square feet a one gallon paint deserve to will cover).

Steps for measuring trim and determining repaint needed

Measure the length of the trim (from left come right) with your desired measuring tool. Document the number.Measure the width of the trim (from peak to bottom) through your preferred measuring tool. Record the number.Multiply the two measurements together to get the square clip of the trim. This is the number you’ll need to calculate the cost.Repeat measures for all various other baseboards you great to have actually painted.To figure out the amount of paint needed, divide the total amount that square footage by 400 (the amount of square feet a one gallon paint have the right to will cover).

Average expense to paint internal doors and also trim

Now the you know roughly how much is needed to paint your doors and trim, you’ll have actually an much easier time figuring the end the costs associated with your repaint project. Here are the average prices that you could want to consider when prepare for your project.

Cost to paint internal door (flush or elevated panel door)
– $50-$200 per door (including supplies and also prep work)Cost to repaint trim and also frames – $50-$150 (including supplies and prep work)Labour – $20-$35 per hour per painter, $15-$200 for removal and disposal

Advantages the painting internal doors, trim, and frames at the same time

Given the lot of work and the prices that go into painting your doors and trim, it can be tempting to break-up the work into two various projects. However, the will likely just price you an ext money and also effort end time. Below are a few reasons why it’s much better to have actually them both painted in ~ once:

Freshness of the paint – as your repaint gets older, its age will start to show. Painting your doors and also trim at the same time will ensure the they perfectly match each other for years to come.Cheaper labour costs – If you’re picking to walk the professional painter route, you will do it be spending much less money on labour. If you different the job right into two or an ext projects, you’ll finish up paying separate project fees.Faster completion time – setting forth to complete the whole project method that you’ll be rid the the stress much sooner and also will be able to enjoy your interior rooms quicker, fairly than letting your unfinished work-related serve together a constant reminder the there’s still job-related to it is in done.

Cost to repaint French doors: what provides them different


French doors deserve to be a beautiful touch to the interior of your home. However, if they’re in require of a fresh coat of paint, lock can obtain a little tricky. Through the extra time and also attention needed, much more cash will be needed to cover the costs.

French doors space especially difficult to paint due to the fact that of their size and also glass panelling. Special care is necessary to safeguard the hardware and also properly repaint the surface of the door there is no getting any kind of paint ~ above the glass. The preparation needed, time spent, attention to detail, and location of her home can really progressive the price on these doors.

With all this in mind, the average cost to repaint French doors is $500-$1,500 every project. These expenses are created by the size of time invested (8-25 hours), the products needed, and the actual work compelled in painting itself.

Should i D.I.Y. Paint interior doors ?

Making the decision to take it on a repaint job yourself deserve to be exciting, yet it can likewise be a little scary and intimidating. It could seem favor the ultimate solution to conserving money, yet at what other costs? here are the pros and also cons that D.I.Y. Paint your interior doors and also trim.

Typically costs less than hiring expert painters if you plan on painting various other rooms in the futureYou have complete control over the project, consisting of what paint is used and what you perform with itYou’ll end up spending much more over time if the project isn’t excellent correctlyUnless you have a elevator in painting, you could lack some skill sets compelled to do a quality jobHaving to acquisition your own products will include to her costsCan reason a most stress; could have to live with unfinished occupational in the residence for some time

Should ns hire a professional to paint my internal doors?

It’s typical to feel hesitant once it concerns hiring a experienced painter to come and also paint your doors if money is a concern. However, once you uncover the ideal match, there’s plenty to gain from hiring a contractor. Here are the pros and cons of rental a professional to paint your internal doors and also trim.

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They’re trained to paint different species of doors and also trim, leading to a high top quality jobInterior doors display flaws, an interpretation any mistakes friend make will be visible; the pros understand what castle doingThe job will be completed faster and more efficientlyThey can do all the prepare workEliminates stress and anxiety on her partWill cost more than doing it on her ownYou’ll be putting control of the project into their hands

Why are estimates so different?

Getting a quote because that a painting project can make the process of rental a skilled a lot more intimidating. If friend look into plenty of different options, you’ll likely discover that approximates are everywhere the place. Here are the reasons why that is:

Attention to detail and also preparation will frequently be considered and also worked right into the prices by the perspective paintersThe level of suffer the skilled painters have will an outcome in an calculation being greater or lowerThe top quality of paint and also primer being used can increase the costsThe licenses and insurance hosted by the painters might an outcome in greater costs


Make sure to ask any type of potential artist for particular details right into what you’re paying for. Good painters will enable you come see whatever in detail so friend know specifically where your money is going.

Now that you have actually the facts, it’s time to decide how much you’re willing to spend on painting your doors and trim. If you decide on the professional route, the City painters are right here for you. Call us right here or provide us a speak to to acquire a quote for your project!