You can have check out that the TSA border for plane travel size bottles is 100 ml or 3.4 oz.

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Or you could have heard of the TSA 3-1-1 Rule. The 3 in the dominion refers to the truth that girlfriend are allowed 3 oz travel dimension bottles in your bring on luggage.

Actually 3 oz is only 89 ml. You space actually allowed 3.4 oz i m sorry is 100 ml.

Most civilization don’t intuitively understand how big a 100 ml party or 3.4 oz container is?

So precisely how much is 100 ml? How big is a 100 ml bottle? What does 100 ml or 3.4 oz actually look like?

This short article has been created to help you obtain feel for the genuine size the travel dimension bottles.

How lot is 100 ml In oz?

This is straightforward but uneven you have a good feel for liquid ounces it could not help you.

100 ml equals 3.4 oz. 100 ml that water is additionally 100g.

How much Is 100 ml in Cups?

Are you into baking or cooking? do you use measuring cups?

In the us a measure up cup is 8 oz.

So 100 ml or 3.4 oz is no even fifty percent a cup. It’s 42.5% of a cups.

Or if you prefer you could likewise say that 100ml is 64 US dimension tablespoons.

Give It to Me In real Terms

The Coke have the right to & Travel size Bottle Are illustrated To Scale

Okay here’s a measurement ns feel confident you’ll be acquainted with…

A conventional Size have the right to Of Coke Is 12 oz or 355 ml.

So 3.4 oz is 28% the a standard can of coke.

A 100 ml take trip bottle is not also 1/3 the a conventional soda can.

Or you can say a standard have the right to of soda is the same as three and a fifty percent travel-sized toiletries bottles.

Travel size toiletries space really fairly small!

Don’t Drink Soda? How around The more tough Stuff?


Alcohol nips or miniatures are usually 50ml in size.

So 100 ml looks like 2 nips.

And correctly you have the right to take nips top top a plane you simply can’t to water them yourself.

What’s The finest Size Of travel Toiletries party Or Containers?

Just due to the fact that the maximum dimension of TSA approved bottles because that air travel is 100 ml doesn’t median that’s the ideal size to use.

Remember you deserve to only take one quart-size bag in your bring on. So you have the right to only take about 7 or 8 maximum sized take trip bottles.

It’s in reality a great idea to periodically use smaller sized than maximum dimension toiletries so friend don’t run of room in your quart-sized bag.


Full-size toothpaste tubes space often approximately 6 oz. That way they are too big to go in her toiletries bag.

Taking toothpaste top top a airplane is fine and also 3.4 oz have to last you a month if girlfriend don’t walk crazy through your pea-sized amounts.


Shampoo bottles are illustrated to scale.

A common shampoo party is roughly 12 or 13 oz. Again it’s too huge to walk in your toiletries bag.

A travel-size shampoo party of 3 oz is around 1/4 the size of a continual shampoo bottle.

Women frequently use about 10 ml or 0.35 oz that shampoo per wash. Therefore a travel size shampoo bottle could get friend 9 or 10 washes.

Those with quick hair will usage less and might obtain up come 20 washes.

If you have long hair and are going because that a long vacation you can need come take more than 1 travel dimension shampoo bottle v you.

Or buy some as soon as you reach your destination!

Sun Cream

Apparently you require 6 teaspoons of sun cream to cover her body. A tespoon is 5 ml so 6 teaspoons would certainly be 30 ml.

So v a travel size bottle of sunlight cream, girlfriend might have the ability to have 3 full body applications.

If you space going because that a lengthy vacation in the sun take into consideration using a pole of solid sunblock rather of cream. Solid sunblock is no a liquid and also hence not minimal in carry-on luggage.

Bodywash Or shower head Gel

Bodywash is one of these commodities that’s it’s basic to be wasteful. You could use 30 ml the body to wash per shower. So the 3.4 oz party of shower gelatin isn’t going to last really long.

If your hotel doesn’t carry out body wash take into consideration packing a bar that soap in her hand luggage. This will certainly last the complete vacation and is not minimal since soap is not a liquid.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is a product wherein you use smaller sized portions. It could be the a 100 ml bottle of eye cream is way too much for her vacation. A 3.4 oz tube of eye cream might last a complete year.

You must use a pea-sized lot of eye cream every application, this way about 1 ml.

Look because that smaller dimension bottles the eye cream or deliver a small amount that cream into an empty container. 30 ml that eye cream is many for many vacations.


We use about 20 ml the mouthwash every cleanse.

A 3.4 oz bottle of mouthwash will certainly only offer you 5 uses.

Consider something prefer Listerine tabs which room solid and won’t must go in your quart dimension bag.


You can not have realized but a lot of cosmetics count together liquids.

Often the quantities forced of cosmetics are a lot less than 3.4 oz. Therefore don’t to fill up her quart bag with products that girlfriend don’t require.

The Verdict

You obtain the idea. When the maximum dimension for toiletries is 100 ml this isn’t constantly the sensible amount come take v you.

For part toiletries, you might need come take much more than one 3.4 oz bottle.

For other toiletries, girlfriend don’t have to take the full 100 ml.

A quart dimension bag isn’t all the big. Therefore think carefully around what friend really require for her trip.

It’s wise to to buy some small empty travel bottles or containers of various sizes and also to transport the quantity of product you need for your trip right into them.

The great thing about empty travel size bottles is that they an extremely quickly pay for themselves.

Travel-size miniature bottles space usually an extremely expensive and also it’s lot cheaper come buy larger bottles and then carry what friend need. You have the right to clean the bottles and use them again and again.

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Hopefully, you’ve now gained a great idea of what 100 ml watch like, how much 3.4 oz might get you, and whether you have to fill your own travel-size containers or not.