At an initial glance, the 1917 Lincoln penny might not seem like too big of a deal because it closely resembles the single-cent coin that is quiet in circulation today. V Lincoln’s head dominating one side of the coin, most people would be most likely to agree. ~ above closer look, however, the 1917 version of the coin is just a bit different than today’s interpretation. The sheer period of the coin makes it preferable to collectors, but the fact that over there are just a restricted number continuing to be really records people’s attention.

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The coin’s obverse is quite comparable to today’s version in the it functions Abraham Lincoln’s file in the center, increased from the face of the coin. Top top the many well-preserved Lincoln pennies, his likeness still functions fine details, consisting of the border of his cheekbones and texture that his hair. Top top the one next of Lincoln is a raised “Liberty” inscription, when the 1917 year of minting is off to opposing side. Arching overtop of the President’s head is the expression “In God us Trust.”

On the reverse side, the “One Cent” challenge value is spelled out right in the center. Underneath the you will check out the indigenous “United claims of America.” Finally, the Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum” is arched overtop. On both the right and left sides of the reverse space two solitary wheat stalks. This is exactly how the penny obtained to be referred to as the “Wheat Penny.”

Grading the 1917 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, the problem in i beg your pardon a coin together old together the 1917 Lincoln is in method everything. Together such, the many stringent collectors will strive come only get their hands on the absolutely most pristine coins. In order to execute this, they rely on grades. Below we will present you to a couple of different coin grades and also discuss what the grades indicate.

Uncirculated: A coin that is graded Uncirculated is one that never spent any time trading hands or otherwise experiencing the wear and also tear regularly associated with coins this old. Due to the fact that of this, every raised facet of the coin—down to the ideal details—will have been perfectly preserved. Apart from some discoloration due to age, these coins will look and also feel just as lock did once they were minted.

Extremely Fine: An exceptionally Fine grade means that the coin might have spent some time external of safekeeping, however not really long in ~ all. Despite an inspector could be maybe to notice a scratch or two, this coins will show up to it is in in pristine condition when regarded with the naked eye.

Fine: A coin that is provided the well grade is one that absolutely spent time gift circulated, however somehow regulated to avoid becoming too badly damaged. Though you will definitely notice some put on on the coin’s the end edges, and perhaps even a few scratches or chips, many of the major features of the penny will be identifiable with the naked eye.

Good: Good is the shortest grade a coin can receive, and one that is indicative of a many wear. This coins may see few of the lettering and images worn away completely due to the breaking down that occurs v coins that are in circulation for an extended period of time. Still, a 1917 Lincoln is fairly rare, and therefore still collectible in the worst of conditions.

Pricing the 1917 Lincoln Penny

The 1917 Lincoln penny’s price is miscellaneous that counts on both the condition, or grade, and also the kind it is. Because most years experienced 3 different species of this coin minted, there will certainly be 3 various values for 2 pennies indigenous the same year. The chart listed below will provide you a much better idea regarding the worth of this coins.

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Lincoln Pennies

1917 Lincoln Penny$0.30$0.50$4$10
1917 Lincoln coin (D)$0.80$1.75$35$50
1917 Lincoln coin (S)$0.50$1$10$25
Source: Red Book

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