BrandMr. Heater
Power SourcePropane
Heating MethodForced Air
Item dimensions LxWxH11.25 x 27.25 x 27 inches
Item Weight36.25 Pounds

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Fight the freeze! choose yours and order today! Mr. Heater Vent-Free Heater30,000 BTU"Weighs 31 lbs.Safe, clean burning heatOperates there is no electricity throughout power outages



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We discovered that when we may be to line up the behind mounting slot after we installed the gave mounting bracket, it dropped right into place. Gas heat was simple to install. Once we obtained the propane come the pilot, that fired right off. Looking front to part nice warmth this comes winterEDIT: we fired it up in at an early stage November and also it functions perfectly - lamp up even on the lowest setting, runs a little bit then turns off instantly
we love our heater, it is wonderful heats well, no gas smell, really quite. Ns love to sit and also watch the flames. I have the right to leave my home with the heater burning and I have actually no worries. We usage to burn wood, we had a wonderful wood burning stove. Together we obtained older, us realized it was time to readjust over. This is therefore nice, no hardwood mess, no exhilaration in the house, and also we feel safer. I love mine wood range heat, however it was a the majority of work. Now instead of cut up wood, and packing it in, and also then starting the fire, I just push a button. Also when we get up top top a cold morning, the residence is warm. No more starting the fire prior to I begin my coffee. LOL

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Heater functions great. The doesn’t have to be on high. I keep it approximately 3-4 and also it keeps the house really warm . My home is a little little . Therefore it might be various for a larger home. The only thing i didn’t favor is the the blower was not contained . I must have misread the description. So if you do want come purchase. Read the description very carefully to insure the heater does come with a blower. If no you will spend about 40 bucks extra because that the blower and also then need to install the yourself. Or if you room as comfortable as most . Gain someone rather to install it and pay 40. Much more bucks to have actually it installed. Other than that ns really love the heater . It really warms my home.