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American figure skating duo Randy Gardner and also Tai Babilonia trying your hands at roller skating, might 1979. Tony Duffy / staff / Getty images American ladies won the appropriate to vote in 1920, a few months in advance of the nationwide election that anointed Warren G. Harding chairman of the united States.A many has readjusted in the 95-plus years since then, consisting of what a “Benjamin,” or $100 bill, can buy.

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To illustrate how much the value of $100 has readjusted over the years, GOBankingRates used the office of labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator to identify what a $100 bill can buy in today’s human being as its purchasing power readjusted over the decades.

Starting in 1920,see what $100 to be worth the decade you to be born.


ANTWERP, BELGIUM: Suzanne Lenglen the France competes in the Women's tennis event during the VII Olympic games circa April of 1920 in Antwerp, Belgium. Getty photos / staff


Value of $100 in 1920: $1,196.30

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 511 gallons of gas

In 1920, a $100 bill would be precious the indistinguishable of $1,196.30, and you might buy 511 gallons that gas at contemporary prices. The national median price for a gallon the gas ~ above June 3 to be $2.34, follow to AAA.

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Value that $100 in 1925: $1,367.21

What you can buy in 2016: 18 bag of Nikes

These days, a mid-range pair that Nike running shoes cost consumers approximately $74.60, according to Numbeo. The inflation-adjusted indistinguishable of $100 in 1925 would permit consumers to purchase 18 pairs and also take home some bag change.


21 Aug 1935: A basic view of Schoolboy soccer Mandatory Allsport UK / ALLSPORT / Getty photos


Value that $100 in 1930: $1,432.70

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 33 bag of jeans

These days, a single pair the Levi’s 501s, or a equivalent pair that jeans, will collection buyers back around $42.38, according to Numbeo. That way you can purchase 33 pairs and also have $37.46 — virtually enough for another pair — to put in one of your numerous pockets.


Value that $100 in 1935: $1,746.43

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 4 round-trip aircraft tickets

Today’s $100 bill would have actually been worth the tantamount of $1,709.01 during the depth of the Depression. And, v the average domestic round-trip airfare at $363 in the fourth quarter the 2015, follow to the U.S. Bureau of transportation Statistics, that means you might purchase tickets for four round-trips this days.


A stylish Charles Robert watts of the roll Stones aged 2 with his mommy Lillian and father Charles in Piccadilly Circus in 1943. Linda root / Stringer / Getty pictures


Value of $100 in 1940: $ 1,709.01

What you can buy in 2016: 417 dairy products Queen Blizzards

By 1940, the American economic situation was recovering after the Depression. Still, today’s $100 invoice would have actually been worth the tantamount of $1,709.01, sufficient to purchase 417 medium-sized Blizzards native Dairy Queen, which expense $4.09 each these days, follow to The would acquire you much more than 27 of every flavor detailed on the DQ website or — if you favor — a totality lot of Butterfinger Blizzard Treats.


Value the $100 in 1945: $1,329.23

What you deserve to buy in 2016: 1 refrigerator

A $100 bill wouldn’t cover the cost of numerous mini-fridges today, but it was worth the tantamount of $1,329.23 in 1945, sufficient to buy a 25.4-cubic foot Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator from ideal Buy and also leave you v a small grocery money to to fill it.


In this handout photo provided by the las Vegas News office Archives, (L-R) Lauren Bacall, open minded Sinatra and Kim Novak space seen at the Sands Hotel on September 14, 1956 in las Vegas, Nevada. las Vegas News office Archives / Getty pictures


Value that $100 in 1950: $992.78

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 60 movie theater tickets and 60 large tubs of popcorn

The typical movie ticket cost $8.42 in 2015, follow to The Hollywood Reporter. And also a bathtub of popcorn could collection you ago around $8, according to an alphabet News story. In 1950, $100 was worth the tantamount of $992.78, enough to buy 60 movie tickets, to add a large bathtub of popcorn because that each flick.


Value of $100 in 1955: $892.76

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 8 MLB video game tickets and 26 warm dogs at the game

In 1950, $100 to be worth the tantamount of $892.76, enough to buy eight premium significant League Baseball game tickets, which average $96.94 every league-wide, and 26 warm dogs, which average $4.39 each, according to Team Marketing Report, a sporting activities marketing info firm.

In this handout from national Aeronautics and an are Administration (NASA), NASA astronaut Ed White floats exterior the Gemini 4 capsule June 3, 1965 in space. NASA / Getty photos


Value that $100 in 1960: $808.31

What you deserve to buy in 2016: 16 one-hour massages

A one-hour introduce massage session at Massage Envy will collection you ago $49.99 today. If $100 had actually the purchasing strength it did around a decade ago, friend could publication 16 sessions, although girlfriend wouldn’t have much cash left over because that tips.


Value of $100 in 1965: $759.56

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 5 32-inch TVs

Consumers in 1965 would more than likely be blown away by the an innovation seen in today’s flat-screen HDTVs. Likewise, modern shoppers can be surprised to learn $100 would certainly be precious the equivalent of practically $760, enough to buy 5 32-inch Insignia brand HDTVs at ideal Buy.

American number skating duo Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia trying their hands at roller skating, might 1979. Tony Duffy / staff / Getty photos


Value that $100 in 1970: $616.65

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 154 large Macs

Those 2 all-beef patties, one-of-a-kind sauce and more cost $3.99, according to the website FastFoodMenuPrices. Even at the price, you can buy 154 big Macs for $100 if it to be worth that is 1970 inflation-adjusted equivalent. Fries would certainly be extra, that course.


Value of $100 in 1975: $444.72

What you deserve to buy in 2016: 2 tickets to a rolling Stones concert

The typical Rolling Stones concert ticket costs $153.81, according to a recent report indigenous concert industry trade publication Pollstar. So also though $100 would certainly be precious a lot an ext in 1975 dollars, you could still only buy two tickets, return you would have practically $140 left over because that merchandise.

June 1989: carpet Willander the Sweden takes a water break during the Wimbledon tennis championships in ~ the all England club in London. Allsport UK / Getty images


Value that $100 in 1980: $290.37

What you can buy in 2016: 2 tickets to a new England Patriots game

At $122, the brand-new England Patriots have actually one of the highest average ticket price in the NFL, according to Team Marketing Report. If $100 had the purchasing power it did in 1980, you might buy 2 tickets with sufficient left over for a stadium snack or two.


Value the $100 in 1985: $222.36

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 4 Costco memberships

Today’s $100 invoice was precious the identical of an ext than virtually $222.36 in 1985. That"s enough to to buy four company or yellow Star memberships in ~ Costco, accessible for $55 a pop, follow to that is website, and also leave $2.36 because that a spring soda or snack to strength you through your first wholesale club shopping trip.

1993: general view that the activity on the American Gladiators. Tony Duffy /Allsport / Getty pictures


Value the $100 in 1990: $183.06

What you deserve to buy in 2016: 50 Starbucks lattes

In 1990, today’s $100 would certainly be worth $183.06, taking into account the impacts of inflation. That would buy 50 Starbucks Grande Caffè Lattes, priced at $3.65 each, according to FastFoodMenuPrices. That’s virtually one a week for a totality year.


Value of $100 in 1995: $157.00

What you have the right to buy in 2016: 24 Chipotle chicken burritos

A chicken burrito from Chipotle will collection you earlier $6.50, according to the FastFoodMenuPrices website. If today’s $100 to be worth that inflation-adjusted 1995 equivalent of $157, that would buy you 2 dozen burritos, with precisely $1 left in her wallet if friend didn’t have to cover tax.

The Millennium Bridge, London. Sion Touhig / staff / Getty pictures


Value of $100 in 2000: $138.94

What you deserve to buy in 2016: 1 Beyoncé concert ticket

A modern $100 had the buying strength of $138.94 in 2000, sufficient to to buy one admission to a Beyoncé show, for which the median ticket to be $132.08, according to a current Pollstar report. That would leave Queen B pan just enough for a couple of iTunes downloads to practice singing along for the show.


Value the $100 in 2005: $122.51

What you can buy in 2016: 7 Sirius XM monthly subscriptions

A monthly Sirius select subscription prices $15.99, follow to the company website, definition you can buy seven months of music, sports, comedy and also talk radio for what $100 to be worth about a decade ago. You’d also have $10.58 left over for a few gallons of gas.

DJ Deadmau5 performs in ~ the activision E3 2010 preview held at Staples center on June 14, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty images


Value of $100 in 2010: $109.72

What you can buy in 2016: 12 dozen eggs and also 15 pounds that bacon

A lb of bacon cost about $5.61 in April 2016, and also the price tag on a dozen egg was approximately $1.79, follow to the U.S. City typical statistics native the bureau of labor Statistics. In ~ the beginning of the decade, $100 had actually slightly more buying power, i beg your pardon would permit you to take home an extra pound of bacon and also two dozen an ext eggs than you can buy v $100 today.


Value that $100 in 2015/2016: $100

What you deserve to buy in 2015/2016: 16-20 classic Subway footlong sandwiches

Whether you choose the classic Tuna or the Meatball Marinara, all Subway’s classic footlongs were $5 until February of this year, follow to, definition you can take residence 20 because that $100, not including tax. Alas, the sandwich chain recently raised prices for its classic footlongs come $6, including up to four fewer sandwiches because that $100, although you deserve to now cover several of the taxes with your $4 in change.

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Methodology: GOBankingRates supplied the office of job Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator to determine what $100 could buy in today’s human being as its purchase power changed over the years, in five-year increments, indigenous 1920 come 2015.

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