It’s finally ago and some audiences space asking what taken place to Malik on home of Payne. Fortunately, fans have actually flocked come the actor’s defence.

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Whether you love or hate him, yes no denying that nobody does the quite choose Tyler Perry.

The American multi-talent has given us lot of of entertain to reap over the years however many fans will argue that it never ever got much better than residence of Payne.

This gem the a sitcom premiered ago in 2006 and aired for an impressive eight seasons, also spawning a spin-off – The Paynes – which ran because that 38 episodes.

Audiences couldn’t aid but come to be so comfortable with the Payne household over the years and the series’ lack has been truly felt because it break up airing.

Luckily, it has ultimately returned to displays for a nine season and also fans are currently cherishing a TV event which countless felt would never materialise.

The actors is back and clearly having together a terrific time bringing this characters earlier to us, but particular audiences room detracting native what should be a celebration…

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What taken place to Malik on home of Payne?

Larramie Doc Shaw has returned to reprise the function of Malik in residence of Payne season 9 however audiences have expressed involves with his appearance.

Sadly, there have actually been many of audiences on Twitter who have attempted come make negative comments about his appearance.

Additionally, some have actually made presumptions with no evidence to support their tweets.

Honestly, it’s simply wonderful to watch the actor earlier and enjoy it his time together Malik as soon as again.

It’s also nice to check out so plenty of flock come Twitter and address why it’s so vital to stop from attack somebody’s appearance.

Nevertheless, that a shame the this still has to be acknowledged.


Fans safeguard Larramie Doc show on Twitter

A variety of fans and also audiences have actually been appalled by the tweets criticising the actor’s appearance.

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In response, they’ve tweeted out a variety of respectful comments, with some rightfully pointing out just exactly how damaging comment on the internet can be to somebody’s mental health.

Check out a an option of tweets:

Everyone talking around Malik’s figure on house of Payne …I thought y’all was simply saying don’t judge nobody friend don’t recognize what they going with sooooo

— Ashlí (

People space talking about the figure of the actor that plays Malik from home of Payne and I’m as with did we discover nothing indigenous Chadwick passing and also not discovering what ppl room going through

— Welp… (

Y’all talking around how Malik from residence of Payne look now like y’all wasn’t simply saying “you don’t recognize what civilization going through” 5 days ago. Dislike to see it

— hot ranch (

I’m not saying anything is wrong with him however the exact same things y’all said around Chadwick y’all space doing come Doc Shaw that plays Malik on residence of Payne. Speak he watch old and also sick. The he doesn’t look like himself. You never understand what people are going through

— #BlackLivesMatter (

I’m see a the majority of tweets about Malik on home of Payne , I’d prefer to repeat you around Chadwick Boseman and also maybe let’s not talk around people’s appearance and also let’s focus/talk about their talent … ok?