Dragon Ball: Every key Character's age At The end Of GT occurring far under the Dragon ball timeline, GT featured the main cast at the oldest age they"ve ever been.

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unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon ball Z, many of the events in Dragon ball GT took location in a reasonably short quantity of time. That adjusted with GT’s last episode, which jumped front 100 years from the start of the series to finish (in theory) the Dragon Ball saga.

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Given exactly how GT was constantly the farthest follow me in the Dragon Ball timeline, the personalities were already older than they’d been shown as. Dragon Ball GT’s 100-year time run widened that period gap considerably. By then, plenty of of the key GT personalities had been flourished by your descendants, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Pan’s great-great grandson is also younger than his ancestor Goku was in his very first appearance. Yet he is likewise a lot stronger than son ogong was in ~ the begin of Dragon Ball, currently capable of transforming into a at sight Saiyan; unsurprising, as his ancestor Goten also reached the type at really young age.

Goku Jr. Did not actually very first appear in the last GT episode, yet in the unique Dragon ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy, in which the met the original Goku and found the four-star Dragon Ball. Had actually there to be a sequel collection to GT, son ogong Jr. Would have likely been the star.

Bulma in Dragon round GT
Bulma to be born in age 733, the exact same year together several standard Dragon Ball characters like Tenshinhan and also Bulma’s own ex, Yamcha. She is in reality one year younger than her husband, Vegeta. Though no as energetic as she was in Dragon Ball, Bulma and her clinical genius play pivotal attributes in GT.

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On 2 occasions, Bulma reinvented Vegeta into a good Ape v a Blutz wave Generator, consisting of once when under Baby’s control. In the much future, Bulma is succeeded by a descendant from one of two people Trunks or Bra"s next of the family.

Goten GT
unequal his best buddy, Trunks, Goten didn’t walk off into space with Goku and Pan, many thanks to a premature birth takeoff. Still, the remained reasonably active in GT, help Goku and also his fellow planet fighters in virtually every significant conflict top top his planet. Goten was additionally Baby’s first superpowered hold on Earth.

It’s probable that Goten lived well beyond 23 years old, thanks to having actually Saiyan genes blended in with his earth genetics. Most of his life between Age 790 (where he critical appeared) and GT’s time run to period 889 is a mystery, consisting of whether his relationship with his girlfriend on the show, Valese, continued.

7 Piccolo: 36 years Old

Piccolo in Dragon sphere GT
had actually Piccolo endured to GT’s final episode, he would have been 37 years old, excluding the moment jump. The pan favorite willingly sacrificed himself so the the black color Star Dragon Balls can never endanger a world again, meaning he quit ageing period. Piccolo go continue appearing in the series, however, coming to be a “warden” that sorts to the afterlife’s many dangerous denizens. That last showed up in GT talking to goku as the Saiyan ready to depart through Shenlong.

While not as influential as his father, Pan, or Trunks, Gohan showed up a fair amount in Dragon ball GT, taking component in several vital fights and being mind regulated briefly by Baby. By GT’s end, he remained in his early on 30s. When it no sound like Gohan lived on for another 99 years, he’d have actually been 132 by the time his descendant goku Jr. Battled Vegeta Jr. At the Tenkaichi Budokai. Just how long Gohan live is not known, but he presumably invested the remainder of his life a scholar, as in GT he just really got associated in fights throughout emergencies.

5 Majuub: 16 years Old

Majuub (as Uub) to be reincarnated from Majin Buu on might 8, 774; just one day after the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai. Provided how the competition is constantly held on might 7, that would average he’d have been one work from transforming 115 at Dragon ball GT’s end.

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However, Dragon sphere GT: A Hero’s Legacy extremely implied the neither Majuub nor anybody else from GT’s at an early stage days remained, not included Pan and also Goku. Even though Uub was the reincarnation the the ageless Majin Buu, he to be still a person – although it’s unclear even if it is merging with great Buu to come to be Majuub added to his lifespan.

prior to the 100-year time jump, Vegeta was the oldest living Saiyan in Dragon sphere GT, even before Goku’s body changed to childhood. Favor Goku, Vegeta"s Saiyan physiology preserved him from noticeably aging, although the did do a few aesthetic alters to his hair – notably, he was not viewed after the GT time skip.

While Vegeta"s specific fate was not revealed, the one-of-a-kind Dragon sphere GT: A Hero’s Legacy stated that Pan was the only human being from GT’s original actors still around in the future. It’s likely that Vegeta had since gone back to the afterlife, perhaps even being reincarnated.

3 Trunks: 24 year Old

were Trunks still about in the much future, the be just under a month shy of his 123rd birthday on June 1, presume the Tenkaichi Budokai presented at GT’s end arisen on the usual day of may 7. Dragon sphere GT: A Hero’s Legacy suggested that even Trunks to be no longer alive in age 889, although it’s not clear just how long he lived for. Whether he continued working at Capsule Corp or ended up being a full time adventurer is unknown, but he absolutely seemed to enjoy the latter an ext than the former.

other than Goku, Pan is the just main cast member who appears in GT’s last moments, as a spectator to the match in between Goku Jr. And also Vegeta Jr. Pan at that allude had retirement from fighting, but had been training son ogong Jr. To follow in her and also her grandfather’s footsteps, as revealed in Dragon round GT: A Hero’s Legacy. She is also the last person of GT’s initial cast to check out Goku, who was the town hall the tournament. As soon as Pan make the efforts to catch up come him, however, Goku currently disappeared, headed turn off to parts unknown.

1 Goku: 152 years Old

goku was born in age 737, definition that by GT’s finale in age 889, he’d be simply a little over 150 year old. Physically, however, son ogong resembled his young adult me from the start of Dragon sphere GT, which is reasonably notable, together he had actually last appeared de-aged come childhood.

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It’s worth noting the it’s never been shown whether or not Goku was also alive during GT’s ending — the show’s creators made it deliberately unclear even if it is he had “died” fighting Omega Shenron. If son ogong were come be taken into consideration alive in ~ the end of GT, he would be 152.

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