If you like a girl, asking her come be your valentine is a an excellent way come let her know exactly how you feel. There room lots of an imaginative and fun means to ask her, or you have the right to just be direct. No matter exactly how you ask, make certain you have actually a great plan because that the two of you to spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day.

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Being Creative

Write she a note. Make her a homemade valentine’s card. Cut it the end of red or pink building and construction paper. Usage your finest handwriting to tell her you’d favor her come be her valentine. You could likewise buy a valentine.Choose a map that mirrors your relationship. Pick something romantic if you’re already going out through her or something an ext laid back if she friends.Bake something because that her. Surprised her with homemade goodies. Make sure you follow the recipe, especially if girlfriend don’t bake regularly. Ask she to be her valentine once you provide her the treat.Joke around it if your creation doesn’t end up tasting great. For example, you can say the you walk your ideal to carry her miscellaneous sweet, even if it can’t measure up to how an excellent and sweet she is.Cover the soil with coco kisses. Buy some chocolate kisses. Shot to gain them in Valentine’s work pink and red if girlfriend can. Glue them to the ground where you understand she will certainly be, choose her front action or in front of her locker at school. Create her a keep in mind saying, “Now the I have actually kissed the ground that you to walk on, will certainly you it is in my valentine?”<3>You can likewise glue them come the soil in a line along a route that she frequently walks.

Asking Directly

Find a an excellent time to talk with her. Don’t simply rush as much as her to ask if she’ll be her valentine. Figure out when you can have a couple of quiet moments together throughout the day if you view her regularly. Contact her when you know she’ll it is in home.Keep it simple. Don’t issue too much about what come say. Tell she you’d like her come be your valentine. If you want to add anything, list a couple of of the things you like about her. You will do could also remind she of things you have in usual or reap doing together.Focus on saying points you like around her as a person. Shot saying things like, “I like just how nice you space to other people” or “I admire her confidence” or “You’re really an imaginative and funny.”Remember come tell her just how nice she looks.Practice your spiel if you’re nervous or shy. Work up her courage come ask she in human by rehearsing what you want to say. It is in calm and also confident. Nothing worry around what she could be searching for in a valentine and also focus on being yourself.

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<4>Start by saying hi: “Hi, that so good to check out you!” display an interest in she by asking “How are you?” Be sure to tell her you’d favor to spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day: “I’d love to gain together on Valentine’s.”

Minding the Details

Suggest a specific date because that Valentine’s Day. Ask she to dinner or having lunch or invite she on a picnic. Imply something fun, prefer ice skating or another task you both enjoy. Be all set to act her due to the fact that you’re questioning her out.<7>For example, you can say, “I’d love to take you the end to dinner, and also then we have the right to go come glow golf.”If the weather is nice enough you deserve to suggest, “Let’s spend the afternoon in ~ the lake. I’ll lug a picnic and we can rent a boat. What’s her favorite picnic food?”