One that the most an essential elements in engine operation is the spark plug. By igniting the working mixture, they contribute to engine operation. In most cases, the number of spark plugs coincides to the number of the engine cylinders, but there room exceptions, too.

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If over there is a difficulty with the spark plugs, the engine beginning to operation under an important loads, also if simply one the the plugs fails. The spark plug change interval is presented in the company card the the auto manufacturer, yet if the engine is no running smoothly, the spark plugs need to be replaced. If you have noticed any misfire under load, hard/rough starts, negative fuel economy, or insufficient throttle an answer – you need to take steps immediately.

The key task the spark plugs is to be able to carry the highest loads. Similar to oil, expensive and high-quality consumables will last lot longer, in comparison to cheaper counterparts. In the event of a failure in the engine device of the vehicle, under no circumstances have to their replacement be postponed. Regularly the trouble with the plugs leader to the check Engine lights. The timely instead of of spark plugs in the Ford F-150 will significantly increase fuel economy, save your money and nerves.

Before we acquire into the installation process, us strongly introduce you not to threat your engine uneven you understand what you’re doing. Instead of the spark plugs by you yourself is never ever a great idea if you’re not sure just how to remove them native the cylinders safely. Specialists in certified auto repair shops use committed equipment that enables doing the task efficiently and quickly.

But if you feel you are ready, let’s relocate on!

What You will Need

latest Ford PZH 1F spark plug modifications, or Motorcraft SP-514, or Motorcraft Spark Plug SP546 collection Of 8. You can also choose: Ford racing M-12405-3V0 3-Valve range Zero Spark Plug for 4.6L Engine, (Pack the 8), for 1997-2000 4.6L V8 – Motorcraft SP-413 Spark Plug or Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug for 2009-2010 4.6L V8 – Motorcraft SP-509 SPARK PLUG, for 2001-2008 4.6L V8 – fill of 8 genuine Motorcraft Spark Plug SP-493 AGSF32PM Motorcraft XL-2 Anti-Seize Lubricant или HUSKEY 684 Nickel Anti-Seize. Lisle (LIS65600) damaged Spark Plug Remover because that Ford Triton 3 Valve Engines.

The process of replacing the spark plugs top top the 4.6L engine may be quite challenging. You have the right to thank Ford because that that. Initially, the problem has long been known by the manufacturer, i beg your pardon is trying to solve the difficulty by producing new spark plugs. The place is tough to access, and there’s a high opportunity you will strip the spark plug threads. However, when you have the appropriate tools in ~ hand, the process can obtain much more straightforward and also will take it you a couple of hours at first try. As soon as you figure whatever out, you will have actually no troubles with repeating the whole process much faster.

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We recommend checking her ignition coils first. Unless they are new or in wonderful condition, instead of them through these, for example, is a way move because you have actually them turn off anyway.

Easy Replacement

Spray in a small Motorcraft PM2 carb cleaner, or PM3, or the Johnsen’s 4641NC-12PK Non-VOC Compliant Carburetor Cleaner Spray, and leave it for 15 minutes. Closely unscrew the plug with tiny effort by swinging the from next to side.

Not That straightforward Replacement

Every spark plug is accessed through the cylinder head’s opening, i beg your pardon is a couple of inches reduced every different ignition coil. Are you prepared for a blind operation? Well, you far better be ready. Because… once the sh*t walk down, you far better be reeaaaadyyyyyy! The thing is that for many cylinders, you will not be able to see the spark plug.

gently disconnect the negative battery terminal cable. You have to do that every time you room working with anything electric in your truck. Usage an 8mm socket. Grab some compressed air machine and spray the all about the ignition coils therefore you can clear the debris so the it doesn’t autumn into the engine once you eliminate the spark plugs. Walk down an excellent in there and also make certain you eliminate all the debris completely. Unplug the electrical connector native the ignition coil. It’s pretty easy. Yes sir a security on the bottom there, therefore you just push that up and walk the connector back. Eliminate the bolt the holds the ignition coil right into the input manifold. Use a 7mm socket to remove the bolt. Be careful not to shed the bolt in the engine bay. Remove the ignition coil through wiggling it, bending it the end of the method of the fuel rail, practice it toward you and also pull it straight up steady with also pressure no to shred the boot. The rubber boots inside the spark plug socket will secure the spark plug, so it comes out as soon as the socket is removed. When you take it out, remember exactly how it was kinked inward toward the center of the block, for this reason as not to placed it earlier the wrong means later. Nothing be scared to separate the insulator boot from the remainder of the coil – it’s totally OK. Take it a 5/8 spark plug socket (1997 – 2003 model years) or 9/16″ (2004+ version years) and also install it under there ~ above the plug. Make certain that the spark plug socket sit firmly ~ above the plug nut prior to attaching the ratchet no to piece the hex head. Loosen it a small (quarter turn). Then apply a small carb cleaner spray down there and let that soak into the threads, so the spark plug come out much easier (15 minutes). Climate disconnect your ratchet and finish unscrewing by regulating the extension manually. Make sure to eliminate any type of debris native the cylinder head’s bore where the spark plug sits. Blow it out v compressed air. Any kind of dirt may enter the cylinder when the spark plug is pulled. Now there are only seven more spark plugs left! Make sure you verify the void of the instead of spark plug (refer to your hand-operated for the suitable gap and collection it making use of a feeler gauge or uncover a video clip on YouTube on exactly how to execute that, the void will vary through the model year). Each engine has a unique specification for its spark plug gaps. It is the room between the electrodes the the spark jumps throughout to ignite the gas within the cylinder. You can use the hook ~ above the gauge to open the void a little if you require it. In instance it’s broad enough, carefully press the electrode down on a non-marrying surface ar until the meets specifications. Use some dielectric grease (e.g., Permatex 22058) come the guideline of the ignition coil. Take it a driver to shove it down in the direction of the spring, make certain you gain an even distribution of the grease, or just put that on the spark plug without any kind of preparation – that will acquire evenly spread anyway. Use a light coating of the anti-seize (e.g., Permatex 77134) to the threads therefore the following time you eliminate the spark plugs castle come the end easier. Make sure you nothing touch it through your finger while you are applying the anti-seize since you don’t desire to make any mess. Install the brand-new spark plug. Location it into the spark plug socket without emotional the strap, bumping the or bending in any way. It is in extra cautious when inserting the spark plug. Nothing contact any type of of the wall surfaces as the spark plug goes in the well. Do it manually to feel that every little thing goes right, without any type of cross-threading. Doing it by hand is easier. No strength tool should be supplied here. Tighten it increase a little bit (do not overtighten) and also snug up the plug. Tool tightness is the method to go. Take her torque wrench and collection it to 13 foot-pounds, for this reason it’s not too tight. Placed the brand-new ignition coil on. Insert it in and make certain it’s seated. Examine if it’s inside wall up with the bolt hole. That 62 inch-pounds, so we hope you have actually a torque wrench that can go under that low. Replace the ignition coil bolt and also tighten it up without any kind of excessive force. Take your electrical connector and also push the on the ignition coil. Carry out the very same for all other spark plugs.


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