How does one clean a scratched ps2 disk, I've tried cleaning it with a microfibre cloth but it doesn't seem to me working well, said disk did work yesterday, but it ain't working again, any help would be appreciated

get it professionally resurfaced if it is a valuable game. Your library may be the best place to have this done (they'll often do it for $1). Or your friendly neighborhood retro store may do it for you.

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I have fixed a scratched disk by polishing with Brasso. The result didn't look great (more of a matte finish than the normal clear look). Surprisingly, it worked though.

It took a few goes before it worked. I took a little of the surface off each time, then cleaned it with dish soap+water and tried it in the PS2.

I wouldn't recommend trying this unless you really don't care about the disk. Brasso is so abrasive that it would be easy to take too much plastic off.


I recently got a legit copy of Bombastic that was giving me a shit ton of errors when ripping it with Alcohol 52% or even with HDL from my PS2. I could actually play it without hung ups, tho.

Toothpaste didn't make a difference at all, but (pure) vaseline reduced a lot the read errors while ripping it. Clean the disc and then just apply it with some cloth until you see as many damage as possible disappear (some might stay). Remove all the excess; the layer has to be thin, not even noticeable.

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The only problem could be cleaning the disc again, as it's going to be a little sticky.

You could buy a resurfacer for a reasonable price:

Try the old toothpaste trick. Just put some toothpaste on the cd and rub it all around and let it sit out for a minute. I used to put my disks in the freezer for a bit (not sure why). But then afterwards I rinse and wipe it clean. Seemed to have worked for me


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