Always use chemical resistant gloves once working through polyurethane. If girlfriend do gain some that the sticky substance on your hands, mineral spirits, complied with by moisturizing lotion, infant oil, soap or peanut butter, can be used to eliminate it. Using acetone or paint thinner is a critical resort.

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Apply mineral spirits Over an north sink, in a ventilated area and also away from open flame, carefully rub solvent over hands, or use a shop rag through a little amount of soul to wipe your hands.

Wash her hands

Immediately wash your hands through soap and also warm water. Try a food soap, such as Dawn, to failure the sticky polyurethane. Rinse her hands and dry them.

Try added methods

If friend still have some sticky spots on your hands, try rubbing baby oil, moisturizing scent or peanut butter top top them. Lather them as you would with soap. To wash again with dish soap and warm water.

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Use lotion

Once polyurethane is removed, her hands might be dried out from extreme washing. Use some hand lotion to soften the skin.

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