I understand that Shadowmere is a pursuit reward native the Dark Brotherhood questline. However, due to the fact that I took the various other route, eliminated Astrid when she went to me and got the quest to ruin the Brotherhood, i beg your pardon I later on did (she can"t phone call me what come do!), ns was wonder if it"s still feasible to get her equine some other means and not through the quest.

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there is no CheatsThe basic answer to your question, there is no cheats, is no.

The game is specifically scripted to offer you Shadowmere as soon as you have completed the Dark Brotherhoods pursuit related come the horse.

With Cheats

With cheats, you can gain Shadowmere however. First open up her console, and also type:help ShadowmereIt have to come up v an "ID" for the NPC because that Shadowmere, this is what you desire to generate in.

Then, type in:

player.placeatme 0009CCD Shadowmere will spawn in next to you, now pick Shadowmere by clicking on him/her/it when the console food selection is open. Now type in:

setownershipAnd Shadowmere need to be yours.


I know that you want to play the game legitimately, and also I"m choose that too. Yet if girlfriend really want Shadowmere, maybe a good way come "roleplay" it would be come say come yourself the you uncovered him/her/it while damaging the hideout and tamed him/her/it? approximately you.

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galacticninja Correct, other than Shadowmere doesn't exist prior to the search is done. Developing a copy that something that doesn't exist, is technically creating it, until the initial comes along, which it wont.
Nov 12 "15 in ~ 4:55
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