In Simon R. Green’s From a Drood come a Kill, a resolve the adversary draws supernatural fixer Eddie Drood right into a deadly challenge where the winner take away all, body and also soul. Eddie wasn’t the one that made the address the devil: It was someone else, but he’s obtained to choose up all the pieces. It’s a good story, and also a funny variant on a familiar theme. (How fun? Like, occult James bond fun.)

You’d think the at this allude just around everyone would know that a contract through Satan isn’t going to occupational out the means they desire it to, yet people keep doing it. Sure, there are exceptions come the rule (John Constantine, ns looking in ~ you), however chances are that anyone the enters right into a bargain through the an excellent Beast is going to be destroyed in the end.

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But to speak you want to do it, anyway. Also if friend think you lucky and also smart enough to beat Beelzebub in ~ his very own game, selling your spirit isn’t as basic as beginning an auction on eBay. At the very least it no anymore.

The first thing you’re walking to have to decide is which evil one you want to do business with. I understand you can have heard that there’s simply one devil, however medieval demonologists believed there to be gazillions that demons and also devils simply waiting to acquire their hooks right into tasty, tasty human souls.

DIAL-A-DEMONYou could waste a bunch of time thumbing through old texts in part wizard’s library in a dungeon somewhere, however when it comes to finding a fiend in a hurry, I prefer Michelle Belanger’s The dictionary of Demons. This compendium of cacodaemons is favor Hell’s Yellow Pages, and also if yes sir a demon or devil, possibilities are it’s in there. You have the right to flip with at random choose that time you essential a bail bondsman in vegas (What, you no think i knew?), however your ideal bet is going come be looking by area the expertise. (Devils, choose doctors, have actually specialties.) It’s not going to carry out you very much great to contact up Bathin, the demon the herbs and precious stones, once you really just want a new ride. For that you want Saltim, who deserve to gift wizards with flying thrones. Don’t waste your time or their’s: It’s liven in Hell, especially throughout the presidential election.

BLOODRED TAPEPresuming you’ve found the appropriate devil, you’re tho going to need to do every the paperwork. Yes, as you deserve to imagine, Hell is large on paperwork and also bureaucracy in general. That the national pastime in the Underworld, for this reason you’d far better do her homework (also designed by demons). As tough as it is to believe, the just around impossible to uncover an attorney who works through demonic contract law, therefore for proper advice, we’re walk to need to turn to civilization who allegedly made a address the devil.


Robert Johnson (1911 – 1938)The undisputed understand of the Delta Blues is rumored to have actually met the evil one at the crossroads to cheap for his soul. Johnson got his wish and also became a famed bluesman, yet died at only 27 years of age. The precise location the Johnson’s crossroads is unknown, although some civilization suggest the intersection of us 61 and US 49 in Clarksdale, MS. It is as great a location to begin your find as any. If friend don’t find the devil, there’s tho a great chance you’ll uncover God: Morgan Freeman is a Clarksdale native, and also is no infrequently spotted hanging the end at his floor Zero Blues Club.

Expert Advice: take a pilgrimage to the Delta and look for the evil one at the crossroads. In ~ worst you’ll have actually some significant food and also enjoy some good music.

Jonathan Moulton (1726 – 1787)Revolutionary war hero Brigadier general Jonathan Moulton took trolling come an epos level when he offered his spirit for an commitment that the adversary would to fill his boots with gold every day. Unafraid to shot the father of lies in ~ his own game, Moulton reduced the soles the end of his boots and placed them on the optimal of his chimney. After ~ Old scrape came along to fill up Moulton’s boots and also found the he couldn’t, he shed Moulton’s home down.

Expert Advice: yes no method you’re gaining a square deal out that the devil, and also you’re going come Hell anyway. You could as well try to traction one end on him.

Nicolò Paganini (1782-1840)This Italian violin virtuoso was gifted enough that world just assumed that he had made a address the devil. The rumors dogged him until the day he died — and after. Complying with his fatality in 1840, the Catholic church in Genoa refuse to provide him a Christian burial. Is there any truth to his association through Satan? Maybe, perhaps not, and also It’s i can not qualify the evil one will provide you a straight answer.

Expert Advice: also if girlfriend don’t do a address the devil, girlfriend might also let civilization think friend did. The obviously great publicity if we’re still talking around it virtually 2 centuries later. Just clear everything up v your priest, first.

Theophilus of Adana (? – 535 AD)Unhappy with his many in life together an archdeacon in the church, Theophilus decided to discover his choices as a totally free agent. He hired a necromancer to summon the devil, who readily available Theophilus a place as a bishop in the church in exchange for his soul. Theophilus signed a contract in blood and also was advocated shortly thereafter. Supposedly Theophilus looked at his possibilities as a mole in god’s operation and decided they weren’t so good. He took the contract to another bishop and asked for his help. The bishop ripped increase the contract and also Theophilus died on the spot … supposedly the end of pleasure to have obtained out the the deal, but it’s not favor he’s approximately to ask.

Expert Advice: whether you’re gaining in or gaining out that a deal with the devil, it’s an excellent to have a expert at your side. You can have a tough time finding a necromancer this days, but there’s constantly Craigslist.


Grab your guitar or violin, cave a pair that boots over her chimney, put your bishop’s call number on speed dial, and grab the next trip out to Clarksdale. Opportunities are this won’t finish the means you want it to, however you can not say i didn’t warn you. Presuming you do make contact with the devil, then you’re probably going to desire to begin thinking of ways to obtain out of your contract. Below are a pair of maybe-tried and not-so-true methods.

Fiddle Contest:Apparently, Satan can’t resist a good old fashioned fiddlin’. Check out this instructional video.

Sell out Fido:Famous English people Hero Jack O’Kent cheat the evil one into structure him a leg by promising him the heart of the very first person to overcome the bridge. He tossed a bone throughout it and went to run after it. Hard luck, Spot.

If every Else Fails, become a Glutton because that PunishmentIn “The Simpsons: Treehouse of fear IV”, Homer selling his heart to Satan Flanders because that a donut. When he it s okay to Hell, Satan make the efforts to punishment him by stuffing him through donuts. Quite than being horrified, Homer is delighted. Plainly the evil one underestimated Homer’s appetite. Opportunities are the the devil isn’t walking to market you any kind of breakfast pastries, though. Probably you should construct an appetite for sulfur and also brimstone now.

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Are friend Really sure You desire to do This?We’ve had actually fun here, yet It is my last recommendation the you carry out not seek a deal with the devil. He and his ilk room veteran tricksters who have spent numerous millennia bargaining with foolhardy mortals who believed themselves clever, only to wind increase spending eternity slow-roasting end a pit the flaming viper venom.Nevertheless, if you’ve check out this much then nothing I might say would most likely steer friend from this course. However, in an excellent conscience, i cannot let you proceed without providing these examples of supposed deals v devils that went horrible wrong.