Just due to the fact that illegal drugs aren’t the genuine deal doesn’t average you have the right to make and sell castle in Montana without dealing with serious after-effects — from police, prosecutors and the buyers themselves.

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Authorities speak a man and also woman indigenous Helena concerned Butte on in march 19 and were utilizing epoxy and also ink to develop fake black tar heroin, and also they had actually thousands the plastic baggies to distribution the stuff.

Prosecutors fee 31-year-old Boris Argo Barry and 24-year-old Breauna Denise Hemphill v criminal produce of imitation attention drugs and possession of imitation attention drugs v the objective to distribute.

Both room felonies, the an initial carrying a best 10 year in prison and the possession charge punishable by up to five years. They are likewise charged with felony possession that dangerous medicine — genuine methamphetamine — v a five-year max.

Both were totally free on bond and also Barry was an alleged to show up virtually to go into pleas come the charges prior to District referee Robert Whelan ~ above Wednesday, but didn’t show. When his attorney claimed he didn’t know of his whereabouts, Whelan issued a bench warrant because that his arrest and also if caught, he will certainly be held without bond. Barry provided to live in Butte and has a prolonged criminal record.

According come prosecutors, Barry and Hemphill to be in a white Nissan Maxima travel on B Street in Butte roughly 2:40 a.m. March 19 when a Montana Highway Patrol trooper pulled them over because that not having a functioning license key lamp.

They to be “digging around and also were frantically trying to light cigarettes,” and both appeared nervous, the trooper said. Barry claimed they had just dropped off a friend and also were headed back to Helena. Hemphill stated they to be leaving “because her cats were hungry.”

She had $565 ~ above her, mainly $20 bills, and also folded up tin foil through a substance she claimed was heroin, prosecutors say.

After obtaining a search warrant, troopers found many things in the car, including suspected meth, heroin, several varieties of prescription pills, printer ink with a syringe and also epoxy. Over there were also two bags the suspected black tar heroin, however it no test optimistic for opiates.

“The troopers established that it appeared that Hemphill and also Barry were making use of epoxy and also ink to produce imitation heroin and also had involved Butte to distribute the imitation heroin for monetary gain,” prosecutors stated in charging documents.

Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff Ed Lester said it’s not unusual for people to happen off powders together meth, but it is inexplicable to watch imitation black tar heroin. Troopers tackled this event so Lester wasn’t familiar with it, but in general, he stated imitation drugs lead to trouble.

“If they sell it come the wrong person, that human being is likely to seek revenge,” Lester said. “And they don’t contact the cops.”

Barry has actually prior convictions for possessing dangerous medicine in 2009 and 2017, burglary and probation violation in 2016, forgery in 2017, and has done some time at Montana State Prison, follow to the Montana department of Corrections.


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