You know just how I always say there’s an ext than one means to mix a color? We’ve talked about navy blue icing before but I’m going to touch on the again. I’ve got yet one more formula come share and I likewise wanted to clarify my mix technique.

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Grab part popcorn and also make yourself comfortable and also I’ll try not to confuse anyone.

There is no right or wrong method to mix icing. My preference is to create colors making use of ratios. Remember ratios native elementary school math? Ratios room a way to compare 2 or more values. When applied to color it’s a fancy way of saying, “yellow plus blue provides green”.

Seems nice simple, but complex colors room a little an ext tricky. Yellow and also blue make green, however they also make colors like Tiffany blue…when blended in the suitable amounts.

That’s whereby ratios come in. It’s an easy way to conveniently duplicate colors. Even if her drops aren’t the same size together mine, these an easy formulas will obtain you into the ballpark, then you can adjust the intensity by including color or icing until you’ve got to the wanted shade.

Now because that the funny part. To make navy blue royal icing start with approximately fifty percent a cup of royal icing and also add:

3 drops imperial blue3 fall violet1 very small drop that black

When the icing is an initial mixed, it may look grainy and lack depth. Store in mind, the shade will develop over time. If it’s as well dark add a little bit of white icing. Also light? Add much more color.

Keep in mind, friend don’t have to include all the shade every time. Divide the formula in half or thirds if you just want to darken the a bit.

You can likewise play through hue through adjusting the ratios. Add a little much more violet and less blue, or angry versa.

Icing color is only as challenging as you allow it come be. Don’t it is in afraid, friend may really well it is in one drop far from your favorite color!

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Icing shade does not need to be complicated, through a couple of helpful tips and also a little practice you can master the art of color mixing.