Most Nerf guns are colored with either yellow, orange, black, or red paint, and also most guns follow the same design patterns. Since many the the firearms look exceptionally similar, girlfriend may obtain bored v the color of her blasters and want to try something different. However, whether or no you have already tried paint your Nerf gun, friend will discover out the this job is more complicated than simply putting ~ above a new coat that paint.

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So before you start to customize your Nerf blasters for her next hidden mission or Nerf war with friends, keep reading to uncover all the step-by-step details you need to perfectly repaint your Nerf guns!

Sand the Blaster

Very fine Grit Sand record (Facebook market Place)

While you can be passionate to jump right right into painting her Nerf blaster, there room a couple of tasks you need to take care of before you can acquire started.

Your first step to take it in painting your Nerf blaster is sanding the total down. You have the right to use a piece of sandpaper with at the very least 100 to 150 grit come start and then complete with a greater grit. Acquire some sandpaper for your Nerf gun project off that Amazon by click here! This fill of 24 has actually six various levels of grit so that you can acquire the perfect sanding job for your custom Nerf blaster paint job!

As you already know, Nerf weapons have a smooth exterior. Through sanding under the surface ar of her Nerf gun, it enables the paint to hold longer. This way if you perform not sand under the surface you will likely be repainting her Nerf pistol in a main or so.

Before you begin sanding, dismantle your gun as much as girlfriend can. Perform not force pieces to come apart, and also most importantly, perform NOT LOSE any type of OF THE PIECES! have a designated area wherein all the screws and also inner components to sit when you complete this task (a basket or bowl may be the ideal option come ensure no pieces space lost).After you have the total dismantled, start sanding down just the exterior that the Nerf total (do no sand any of the inner system as this could cause the gun to no longer work effectively). Do not be fear to sand the hell out of her Nerf gun! the is i can not qualify you will damages the gun by sanding as well much. Stop sanding when the Nerf gun’s initial color and shine has dulled.Before moving on to the next step, clean the Nerf gun completely so that no dust continues to be on the surface. Girlfriend may also want to clean your workspace to keep the dust native getting back on the gun.

Want come make your gun look battle-worn? use a dremel to make bullet marks or “dings” all over your blaster. Be cautious not to damage any type of of the internal workings when doing this!

Read much more about sanding your Nerf pistol by clicking here!

Prime the Nerf Gun

After sanding and cleaning her blaster, the next step is to prime the surfaces to be painted! Why prime the surface? We apply at least one or two coats of primer before painting our blaster to ensure the none that the ahead colors mirrors through and that the colors you choose to paint your pistol stick out!

If the paint you select to use claims it is a 2-in-1 inside wall paint, you will certainly most likely not need to purchase a separate primer for your blaster.

Apply the inside wall to the surface ar of each of the sections of your Nerf gun evenly and allow the primer to dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Be certain to review the directions on the repaint you pick to usage to watch if the product requires any special accuse or a much longer drying time before use.

We suggest using the Rust-Oleum level Gray inside wall for her Nerf gun! new coats can be applied within simply a few minutes and also will offer you a smooth surface to occupational on. Not only does this primer look great, but it is made to bond come plastic as well–making it the perfect primer because that the job! Click here to stimulate yours.

Pro Tip: do not leave your blaster straight in the sunlight to dry.

Add the base Coat

Assorted colors of Spray repaint (Facebook Marketplace)

When her blaster’s inside wall is dry, and also ONLY when it is totally dry, you deserve to start to apply your basic coat. Make sure that every sections space evenly coated and that any kind of sections not meant to be painted are taped off or covered.

Do several layers that this base coat color, making sure that each layer is dried before adding another.

Pro Tip: are you making use of spray paint and also want to avoid splatters or uneven part of paint? Start and finish spraying the paint in a different direction!

Add Accents

Rack that Spray repaint (Facebook Marketplace)

Now that you have adjusted the in its entirety color of your Nerf gun, you deserve to start to really put your own personal touch right into the design!

Start through taping off sections that you desire to keep as the base color. Once taped off, you have the right to start including some of the accent colors come the gun! If you space doing interval colors ~ above both sides of the gun and want them come be symmetry be cautious not to repaint one side darker than the other. Begin by doing light coats and include thicker coats as needed. Do not put too lot paint in one area in ~ once; otherwise, you might see the repaint start to seep underneath the videotaped off areas!

Pro Tip: leaving the ice cream on until the blaster is completely dry. If the repaint is quiet wet and the ice cream is gotten rid of it could cause runoff right into the basic coat area. Be sure as soon as you carry out start removed the tape, that you pull away from the area just painted. If you pull towards the painted area it can chip the new coat.

Mist the Blaster (optional)

Black have the right to of spray repaint (Facebook Marketplace)

If you space hoping to acquire that perfect battle-worn blaster look, then usage this following technique: misting!

Misting, merely put, is going end your already painted blaster with the base color of her blaster. However, you are not going to completely cover the accent colors you already added. Take it a can of spray paint the very same shade together the base shade of her blaster and also then lightly walk over the entire blaster. Only use a mist come the blaster.

After misting your blaster, it need to look slightly battle-worn and also faded. It also creates a pixelated effect to make her blaster look video clip game-worthy!

Do the remainder of the Decal

Set the stencils (Facebook Marketplace)

Want some smaller decals on your Nerf blaster? execute not be afraid to walk in through a smaller paintbrush after completing the various other painting steps and get creative!

Using Sticker Stencils

Have a very certain design you want to put on the next of your customized Nerf blaster? try out a stencil! get the best effect by utilizing a sticker stencil. Merely stick top top the stencil, fill in the space, and then eliminate it! Be sure to have actually the rest of the gun totally covered if you space using spray repaint to avoid any type of unwanted marks.

Using Homemade Stencils

If none of these stencils enhance what you space looking to add to her gun, make some stencils of your own! use some building or manila document and use an exact-o knife to cut out your very own custom designs. After cutting the end your stencil, tape it securely to your Nerf blaster. Perform not forget come cover the rest of the gun with either ice or a taped own piece of plastic.

If you room using spray paint, perform not acquire too close come the blaster. The greater pressure will cause the repaint to leak underneath her stencil.

Remember come think carefully about each decal you add to her blaster. After you include a architecture it will certainly not it is in as straightforward as a wet washcloth to eliminate it if you perform not like how it turned out. Try drawing her blaster style on a piece of paper to obtain an idea of how the decals will look prior to permanently including them to her blaster!

Add a clear Coat

Once you have actually finished painting and decorating your Nerf gun, protect all your hard work through a clean coat.

Once again we imply the Rust-Oleum Gloss Clear because that sealing your practice Nerf gun paint job. With this spray-on clean coat, you will not lose any type of of her gun’s color and also will be ready to relocate on to the next step in ~ 20 minutes! obtain yours top top Amazon by click here!

Use the same techniques said for applying paint. Start and also stop each new line turn off the blaster to avoid any splatters or areas thicker 보다 others.

Be certain that all your decals are fully dry before you add your clean coat and to let it dried entirely prior to moving on to the next step.

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Customized Nerf Vagabond (Facebook Marketplace)

Now that you have actually completed every of the over steps and your Nerf total is dry, that is time because that the actual funny to begin!

Re-assemble your Nerf gun! Be careful during this step to placed every piece back in its original position there is no leaving any type of pieces out. While the one arbitrarily orange screw looks choose it is not needed, ns promise friend it is!

Once your gun is painted, dried, and re-assembled invite every one of your buddies over to check out your work and have an immediate Nerf battle!

Custom repaint Ideas

Customized Nerf rival (Facebook Marketplace)

Ready to readjust up your Nerf gun, but just not sure what look you desire to shot out? No worries! below are 3 distinctive Nerf gun paint work to help inspire you because that your own custom project!

Worn Metallic

This paint job provides the Nerf total a an ext metallic look and feel, making that seem more realistic.

After painting-and adding a unique modification to the gun-go ago over v some darker repaint to assist make the Nerf appear as despite it had been through thousands of battles (and plainly won).