You can load plain file or picture paper. The following video shows just how to load file into your printer. If the video clip does not appear, please click here.

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The steps listed below likewise show just how to fill the paper. Important:

If you reduced plain record into small size such together 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm) or 5" x 7" (13 x 18 cm) to execute trial print, it deserve to cause file jams.


we recommend Canon real photo file for print photos.

For details top top the Canon genuine paper, view Media varieties You have the right to Use.

You can use general copy paper.

For the web page size and document weight you can use because that this machine, see Media types You deserve to Use.

Prepare paper.Align the edges of paper. If file is curled, flatten it.


Load paper.Open the document (1).Pull out the file output tray and the output tray extension (2).
Slide the document guide (A) come the left, and load the document against the much right that the behind tray with THE publish SIDE dealing with YOU (3).Slide the record guide (A) to align it through the paper stack (4).Do no slide the record guide too hard against the paper. The file may not be fed properly.
Important: constantly load file in the portrait orientation (B). Loading file in the see orientation (C) have the right to cause paper jams.
Note: do not pack sheets of paper higher than the load limit note (D).


The maker may make operation noise once feeding paper.

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After loading paper

choose the dimension and type of the loaded file on the publish settings display of the printer driver.