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Tools Checklist

There are a couple of tools required to finish this project. You could have some of them at home, however if not, they will certainly be easily picked up in ~ your regional home advancement store.

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RagsPlumbers tapeSlip share pliersSoldering torchTube cutter

Materials Checklist

You will desire to make certain you have all the materials you should before beginning this task. Although the is no a massive list of crucial materials, you may not have every one of these offers lying around your house.

Sandpaper (either towel or 120-grit)Copper fittingsCopper pipeLead-free solder

Step 1: drain The Water

Be certain to completely shut turn off the water in ~ the main valve in your home. You likewise need come make sure you have opened increase any adjacent faucets and allowed them to drain completely. This is essential since if you execute not drain the water, you will have actually a ton of water anywhere your work station. 

It’s a an excellent idea to revolve on numerous faucets transparent your house after shutting the water off. This will assist drain your pipes even quicker so the you can acquire your project started.

Step 2: Dry and Sand

You will want to dried the external of the elbow thoroughly. If you do not fully try the pipe, climate you will not be able to solder it since water and also fire execute not mix. 

Then, making use of 120-grit sandpaper or towel sandpaper, you should sand roughly the leaking joint. This sandpaper must be approximately 1-1/2″ vast and about six come eight inches long. 

You deserve to put it over the end of the pipe, almost as if you space shining a shoe. Carry out so from many different directions, and make certain that the solder is cleaned off. Any and also all surface corrosion demands to be removed.

Step 3: use Flux

Apply soldering flux roughly the whole joint. This is essential due to the fact that it help to prepare the copper because that soldering. Friend are basically cleaning and removing any oxides and also impurities from copper. Make certain that you’re getting about the entire joint, including in the nooks and crannies.

Step 4: heating To replace The Old Solder

This following step is the fun part, and it involves your soldering torch. If you are left-handed, girlfriend will hold your torch in your appropriate hand, and vice versa. Girlfriend should have a leather glove or cotton rag in one hand. Girlfriend will need to warm the pipe v a torch until the old solder melts.

Try to have the flame facing towards the valve however away indigenous any wall surface if over there is one in the area. Friend should have actually a pair that slip-joint plyers in your solid hand together well. If you have to remove the old solder, you have the right to keep heater it while transforming it v your plyers. 

This part can be a bit dangerous, therefore be careful when removed the old solder. Have a metal bucket or piece of cardboard to set it down on while that is burning hot. Eliminate the old solder v your leather glove or cotton rag. 

After removing the old solder, go earlier in and begin heater it again. Keep heating the pipe, and also then include the brand-new solder until a glowing ring the solder shows all roughly the joint. 

Step 5: Wait

You must let the pipeline cool for at least 5 minutes. Perform not effort to push this any kind of faster 보다 that. No only could you burn yourself, however you could disrupt the cooling procedure and need to do it anywhere again. If you’re waiting, take it a break and also clean up her workspace come make the moment go quicker. That way, you’ll be much less tempted to touch it and also potentially ache yourself.

Step 6: check out If the Worked

Finally, you can turn the water ago on. Let’s hope that your solder worked and also that you stopped the leak! However, after ~ you turn the water ago on, you will desire to inspect the pipes and watch them as the water operation through. If it shows up to it is in leak-free, check again in a couple of hours.

Sometimes a negative soldering project will take a while to appear. So, end the next 72 hours, the is critical that girlfriend take the moment to check the pipe. If you don’t have any leaks, girlfriend did a an excellent job!

If It continues to Drip

Although you constantly hope it works the an initial time, sometimes this is no the case. Particularly if this is your first time soldering a pipe, it might not happen the very first time you effort it.

If her pipe continues to drip, girlfriend will have to turn turn off the water again. Then, open your faucets to drain the line once again. The distinction this time is you will require to cut out the whole elbow. Return this may seem irrational, it might be your only option.

Finally, solder in new fittings and check to watch if it operated this time.

If the Still proceeds to Drip

Even if you follow all of the actions and try your hardest, periodically you can’t solder in the new fittings. This is often due to the fact that there is a constant trickle that water. Return it might be a slow-moving trickle, it will still stop the solder. 

The an initial method of preventing this trickle is to just wait because that the water to fully drain. If you do not have actually the patience because that this, then there is a trick. 

Step 7: The Trick

Replace the elbow through a tee with a threaded installation soldered top top one end. The open finish can permit moisture to escape. This moisture will certainly actually escape together steam.Since the moisture turns into steam, friend will be able to heat the joint sufficient to melt the solder. Once the pipe has cooled, then screw in a threaded plug. Use Teflon tape or pipe link on the threads.


Put a item of paper metal in between the joint and also the wall.Notching the sheet metal if needed.Near your work area, be certain to spray water front of time.You can use fire-resistant spray roughly the job-related area to protect against damage.If you space working in a chop space, climate you may need to work much longer with the torch. Pre-soldered fittings perform exist, and also if needed, you have the right to use these instead to prevent using a torch for an extensive periods of time. 

When To rental A Professional

If you aren’t sure if you have the right to do a soldering task or aren’t comfortable through it, then you might want to rental a professional. However, girlfriend can always attempt it very first and climate hire if the doesn’t work. When the skilled is functioning on it, together for advice and try your finest to watch what is walk on. That way, you deserve to do this ~ above your own if the need ever arises.

If friend don’t want to rental a professional, girlfriend can always call a girlfriend or family members member. Discover someone who is an ext of an expert in the DIY people than girlfriend so the they can teach you their ways.

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Related Questions

What specifically is soldering?

Soldering is a procedure of authorized different species of metals together. The solder chin is a steel alloy. That is generally made of believe or led, i m sorry is melted using a hot iron or torch. It is best to avoid lead solders, as they space toxic. This warmth creates an electrical bond through the copper pipe.

What have the right to I organize a copper pipeline with when it is hot?

Either usage a pair of leather work gloves or even a large cotton rag. Perform not use anything plastic. It will melt, and you will get burned. 

What is the plumber’s ice cream for?

The plumber’s tape have the right to be provided to old the new solder in location if needed. Although it will certainly burn off with the heat, that will allow you to use both of her hands while functioning with warm materials.