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Knowing just how to eliminate dresser drawers will be handy, together it will certainly be much easier to clean it, or move it wherever you want. Moving approximately bigger pieces of furniture such as a dresser have the right to be a tricky job.

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This is especially relevant if friend are moving to an additional house. Also, once doing basic house cleaning, or just making touch-ups and rearrangements around the house.


When friend know exactly how to obtain drawers out of a dresser, you’ll instantly speed up any type of job concerned it, due to the fact that the dresser itself will be lot lighter.

The an enig is to know just how to eliminate drawers without doing any kind of damage to the furniture. The methods and also tools you’ll have to use rely on the kind of slides supplied for the drawers.

In this guide, we are stating some the the most constant drawer mechanisms and also appropriate methods you deserve to use to eliminate the drawers as simply and smoothly as possible.

So here’s a rapid rundown of just how to finish this task for the most popular varieties of drawers.

You should inspect the form of drawer-slides you have prior to tackling the remove part. Besides, as soon as the drawers for some reason obtain stuck – girlfriend would have to remove castle to determine the issue.

If friend are in search of ways and also tips on just how to remove dresser drawers easily and also quickly, then this guide is approximately your alley!

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1. How to remove dresser drawers with bottom slide


The simplest means to recognize that her dresser has actually the bottom slide is the truth you won’t check out it, together they are most typically found in an ext formally design drawers.

If your dresser drawers are wider, castle will most likely come through two slides ~ above the bottom. The double-sliders enhance their stability.

You should see if there are any release mechanisms prior to removing drawers from the dresser, such together buttons or levers. If there are, it means that the drawer has to be released from the mounting plates and that you must press the switch or lever before pulling the drawer out.

On the various other hand, as soon as talking about how to remove dresser drawers with a bottom slide the doesn’t have any kind of buttons and leavers, you simply need come wiggle each drawer out and lift them till you listen the ‘’clicking’’ sound.

This, however, way that friend might as well exert some pressure on the drawers occasionally.

2. Exactly how to eliminate a drawer without lever


Before checking the tips on just how to eliminate drawers without a lever, girlfriend should have a screwdriver, and also preferably any kind of functioning gloves near-by.

First, you need to stand in the former of the dresser and also pull the drawer the end as far as friend can. Move the drawer outwards if holding the handle.

If there space no stoppers, each drawer will go the end quickly. In case you suffer some resistance, shot to drift the drawers in concern a bit.

If wondering just how to remove Ikea drawers, this is the whole process. You require a screwdriver, and also once you ease up the screws, the drawers will certainly come out conveniently enough.

In instance your dresser’s drawers have integrated stoppers, just make sure to carry out the following:

After you pulled out and drifted the drawer, the following step is to slant the in the floor direction.Push down the sides of the drawer downwards so the earlier end goes up a bit. This method the wheels will go over the stoppers and the drawer will come out freely.

3. Just how to eliminate dresser drawer with facility slide


It must be detailed that contrary to the other drawer types, dresser drawers are typically wider. Thus, commonly they come v the facility sliders.

The function of these sliders is to ensure that each drawer is effectively attached come the dresser and also that you deserve to open and close lock smoothly.

In case you have issues when performing this actions, there is a good chance that the expansion slide is the issue.

However, there room a few things to take into consideration when feather at exactly how to eliminate dresser drawers with a center slide.

Firstly, you should inspect if there is any kind of locking appliance. This is no a usual thing, but it is good to be mindful of the reality they exist.

In instance you are taking care of locking mechanisms, you just press the publication button before pulling-out the drawer. When you hear the ‘’click’’ sound, you will recognize that you effectively disengaged the drawer.

Another thing you should note on just how to take dresser drawers out is that there deserve to be a pull-out guard. The pull-out guards room plastic pieces to prevent the drawer from falling entirely.

To get over this guards, you merely need to use a tiny amount of pressure until the drawer is unstuck. As with with the previous types, if you challenge some resistance – use your strength and wiggle the drawer out.

4. Just how to eliminate drawers v stops


Let’s talk a bit an ext in detail about how to eliminate drawers indigenous dressers that have safety stops.

Stops are usually made from plastic, they room tab-shaped, and their duty is to prevent the drawer from going out of the dresser every the way.

To be more picturesque – just imagine if you space in a hurry, and also you open up the drawer with jewelry much faster than girlfriend should.

The next scene would certainly look like this: the drawer on the floor, it’s content almost everywhere the room, no something you’d desire to address on any type of occasion.

This is simply one of numerous examples of why stops are needed. The simplest method to eliminate the drawer is to pull it out, lift the drawer till it becomes clear of the dresser’s top, and then relax the slides by pressing the slides’ levers (or buttons).


Like before, the clicking will be the sign that you’ve done everything correctly and that the drawer can be removed.

There is a slight difference when the drawer prevent is located at the drawer’s bottom. In this case, you need to situate the tab with your hand when lifting the drawer.

After you discover the tabs, you keep them pressed as you eliminate the dresser drawer out. The same should be excellent for all of the drawers.

5. Just how to eliminate a drawer with full extension slides


If you have longer drawers, over there is a great chance the you will need to know exactly how to work-related with full-extension slides. The most typical drawer dimensions for this slide form are 12 inches.

Depending top top the dresser, the full-extension slides can be discovered on one of two people bottom that the drawers’ sides.

Pull the drawer out till the end. Check out the full-extension slides to situate the buttons come press and also release every slide.

The bottom full-extension slides job-related on the exact same principle as the one v the stops. Instead of pulling the drawer, you need to lift it.

To find the releasing switch (you can’t view it), you need to use your hand to situate it. The course, make sure you check out if there space stoppers or other safety appliances.

Once friend sort all of these steps, gradually push the drawer in the direction of you. Save in mind the if the drawer is stuck, and a little of force doesn’t help, the full-extension slide might be damaged.

I would also allude out the these tips space equally applicable for those who desire to know an ext about how to remove desk drawers, or even how to eliminate drawers indigenous executive desks made of different materials.

6. How to settle dresser drawers that loss out


Malfunctions are not something us like. And also it deserve to be really frustrating to be on toe all the time whether the drawer will certainly be grounding again, or will certainly it loss out if you room not mindful enough once opening it.

Most that these problems can be dealt with by using an easy tools us pretty much have actually at home. Here is just how you can fix dresser’s drawers fast and also on your own.

To accessibility the drawers’ tracks, firstly, you must remove the drawer from the dresser (consult the chapters above). The an essential thing to perform is to examine the mounting.

Everything should be in order if the finish of the tracks goes come the dresser’s back. Make sure that they are secure too.

One that the causes of the drawers falling the end is the there is a loose screw somewhere. If the is the case, you’ll require the drill come tighten the screws in question.

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The trouble can likewise be located within one of the track’s sections, so examine everything thoroughly. In countless cases, arrows are pointing the exactly direction of the surroundings form.

If something doesn’t match, girlfriend should completely remove the track, and reinstall it accordingly.