This thread will administer detailed instructions because that those v a 1992-1998 Gm pickup truck, with either 2wd or 4wd who wish come recalibrate there VSSB(vehicle speed sensor Buffer). This need to be done as soon as gearing proportion or tires sizes are readjusted to store both your speedometer and Odometer correct.---------------------------------------------A few early precautions.Whenever you work with digital equipment(specifically the PCB) girlfriend are managing extremely sensitive electronics. Static power is FATAL to electronics. Perform not touch any kind of of the solder joints with your hands or various other tools not ESD safe. Static electrical power can damage boards and also you won"t feel a damn thing.Avoid excess solder, bridging a solder connection between two solder feet can reason damage and "unwanted" results. You room working with parts usually assembled by one of two people machinery or under microscope. Always dual check her work.Adding the emboldened switches to replace the jumpers is not really required. Although, for those who switch tires sizes often or very own 2 various sets of tires(say drag and street, or summer and Snow) that is a very worthwhile investment. It will certainly not be covered in this writeup however.---------------------------------------------Start by locating and removing her VSSB unit. It will certainly be located near the PCM, appropriate underneath it(results might vary) The PCM is situated behind the glovebox as show in the photos below. Disconnect the wiring harness and also remove the VSSB. That only organized in through 3 clips so pulling ~ above the instance a few times will acquire it loose.

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Once you have the VSSB in hand, bring it to a for sure location and also remove the PCB indigenous the security white case. There are two clips on either side, push them in and also the instance backing will flip appropriate up.

Remove the PCB by advertise up and away top top the black connector protruding native the plastic. When taking care of the board, shot to only call the plastic connector. This will help avoid accidental revolution discharge.


Now the funny part. The pins/jumpers that we will be adjustming are situated on the bottom that the PCB. Yet first, use the adhering to charts, and websites come gather every one of the technological data girlfriend need prior to melting any kind of solder.You will need to determine your gearing ratio in your differential(s). This deserve to be excellent by checking the RPO codes situated in your glovebox for among the following:GU6. You have actually a 3.42 come 1 gearing ratioGT4. You have a 3.73 to 1 gearing ratioGT5/GT8. You have a 4.10 to 1 gearing ratio.HC4. You have actually the huge daddy 4.56 come 1 gearing ratio.Using the above website. Go into your tires information. As you deserve to see in the example below, my tires room a 315/70R17. Intake those right into there respective boxes and click calculate. The info you want is the "tire Circumference(in=)". I m sorry I"ve circled below in the example. One more example: -A share 245/75R16 tires will have actually a roll circumference of 95.8" -A slightly bigger 265/75R16 will have a roll circumference the 99.3"
Now, you will should take every one of this new found information and include it all up. This have the right to be done with the formula on the following page labeled "input ratio": going to desire to use a scientific calculator to execute this equation(for the parenthesis). Most computer systems these days have actually calculators that can be operation as a clinical type.The forumla will certainly look something choose this on a calculator:(63360X4.10X40) "DIVIDED BY" (108.1X128000)Your formula will differ than mine relying on your gearing ratio and tires roll circumference, however if done correctly you will have a long number to compare to the chart on this web page labeled Jumper setups It is the 3rd chart native the bottom the the page.: input ratio came out together 0.750971323. Contrasted to the graph on the page attached above, i will have to arrange my jumper"s together followed:1 2 3 4 5 6 7I 0 ns I 0 0 II= jumper needed.0= left open.
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Once girlfriend knew where every little thing has to it is in soldered, modified and or removed, go to work. Be sure to take your time and be mindful with the components. Keep in mind that the bottom on the jumper wires room bent inwards to stop them indigenous being gotten rid of accidentally, friend will must bend them directly in bespeak to remove the jumpers indigenous the bore. The link listed below shows you a photo of just how the VSSB has actually "2 sides as well it". The left 7 pins will certainly be inverse to those in that right. Meaning, if Speedo jumper 3 in the right side is open, then speedo jumper 3 top top the left side will require to have actually a jumper or "closed"VSSB ~ modification: i did a destructive job with the jumpers here, having actually to make them out of document clips(its ok to execute this) hope yours watch alot cleaner 보다 mine.

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And thats every there is as well it! your VSSB has actually now to be modified to compensate because that whatever changes you have done to your gears and also or Tires!
Take every little thing for a test drive in order to ensure the unit is work properly, and also either have a vehicle pace you in ~ X rate or use a gps with rate tracking capability. If you need to, make any modifications you feel space necessary. Some people have had varying results by transforming pin placement to the "next heat down" top top the charts provided above.