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SpanishEnglishContextCállateQuiet under (informal)A common way of telling someone that you understand well to be quiet. The is informal, however not necessarily rude, depending upon your tone.CálleseQuiet under (formal)When you desire to politely ask who to quiet down, such together in a movie theater or playSilencioSilenceTypically used for a group, such together a classroomCierra la bocaShut her mouthSlightly much more intence. Offered where you can say "shut up", "shut her trap" or "shut it" in English.Cierra el picoShut your lipsSlightly much more intence. Offered where you could say "shut up", "shut her trap" or "shut it" in English.¿Por qué no car callas?Why nothing you just shut up?When you room really gaining exasperated v someone that won"t quiet downGuarden silencioBe quietTypically provided for a group, such as a classroomCállate la bocaShut up!A much more rude and aggressive method of informing someone come shut up in SpanishChitónShushA casual means of telling someone come "shush!" in SpanishEstate quietoBe quietMore common way of telling someone to quiet under in MexicoQuedate quietoKeep quietHas a connotation that "keeping still and also quiet".No hagas ruidoDon"t do noiseUsed as soon as someone is do undue noise
Remember that you will certainly be conjugation these in the “mandato” or mandate form, because they space a command – be quiet! The command type can be conjugated as tú or usted, depending on who you space addressing. So, it is in conscientious of this; otherwise, a polite request have the right to turn into a rude and also demeaning order. Because that example, “quiet down” could be interpreted into Spanish in the complying with ways:Tú: CállateUsted: CálleseUstedes: CállenseWe hope that these 12 ways of questioning someone to it is in quiet in Spanish aid you get some silence – and also don’t get you into any type of trouble!You may additionally enjoy:How come say versus in SpanishAsking for assist in Spanish

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