Ever wondered how to speak “cute” in Korean? uneven English, the oriental word because that cute is used a lot! It provides it a very good word to include to your oriental study. You deserve to use it to describe something cute, such together a puppy or doll, or you can use the word to pay someone a compliment.

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If you desire to to speak “cute” together in “the cute puppy” climate you should use words 귀여운 (gwiyeoun).


귀여운 강아지 (gwiyeoun gangaji)

cute puppy

귀여운 아기 (gwiyeoun agi)

cute baby

귀여운 여자 (gwiyeoun yeoja)

cute woman

공원 안에 귀여운 강아지가 많아요 (gongwon ane gwiyeoun gangajiga manayo)

There are many cute dogs at the park.

A word of Caution about Romanization

We’ve added in the Romanization for all of these words to assist with pronunciation. However, we recommend the you try to relocate onto reading comfortably in Hangul (the oriental alphabet), as this will improve your pronunciation and your analysis skills. It will also aid you notification patterns in words, which will lead friend to boost the rate at which you learn brand-new Korean words and also grammar points.

You have the right to download a complimentary guide to find out the korean alphabet in around an hour here.

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Learning vocabulary words is a an excellent way to aid you learn the basics the a language, yet your language finding out will only really take it off as soon as you start attempting to have conversations in Korean. Take it a look in ~ our free list of korean phrases or our full Korean course for all the help you will need when examining Korean.

Now the you know just how to to speak cute in Korean, you have the right to start complimenting people on your “aegyo” or describing every one of the cute things that you check out in Korea!