Hello everyone! It’s to be a while due to the fact that our last lesson, right? Let’s continue learning!

Now, once we greet someone in the morning, a straightforward hello would certainly do however there are times we use an excellent Morning as well; to greet others and likewise to start the day on a confident note. Our lesson for this particular day will focus on the different ways of speak “Good Morning” in Korean. Few of you can have heard Koreans say Good Morning in tv series or on society media account so you could be a little familiar v it.

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Like constantly we’ll be separating it into informal and also formal, maybe include a tiny bonus at the end? Anyway, let’s jump straight right into it!


The informal way of speak Good Morning is – 좋은 아침 (Romanised pronunciation: Joh-eun A-chim). An easy right? You deserve to use the informal way with friends, world you’re close to or who younger 보다 you.

Now the formal method of saying an excellent Morning has quite a few different methods which might confuse you a tiny but let’s acquire started and also look at each one of them. We’ll start with the most standard method of the greeting first.

STANDARD way – 좋은 아침이에요 (Romanised pronunciation : Joh-eun A-chim-i-e-yo) You can use this standard way with partner or someone older 보다 you with whom you wish to keep formality. Girlfriend can likewise use it v someone whom you don’t know. It’s the most standard expression for great Morning.

 FORMAL means – 좋은 아침입니다 (Romanisation: Joh-eun A-chim-im-in-da). Literally method ‘It’s a good morning’. That is a formal means of saying it. It have the right to be offered with one older person or someone you want to say it come in a respectable way.

Now there are 2 much more formal means of saying an excellent morning. They are offered (again) through someone who is older 보다 you or who of a higher rank. Eg- your grandparents.

잘 주무셨어요? (Romanised joint : Jal Ju-mu-syeoss-eo-yo). Literal meaning translation is – ‘Did girlfriend sleep well?’안녕히 주무셨어요? (Romanised together : An-nyeong-hi Ju-mu-syeoss-eo-yo) literal translation – ‘Did you sleep peacefully?’

BONUS – These are few of the different ways that saying great Morning. Note : very first one is unshened and 2nd one is formal ( after the / ) 

1) 잘 잤어?/ 잘 잤어요? – (Romanised joint : Jal Jass-eo/ Jal Jass-eo-yo). That also way ‘Did girlfriend sleep well?’. You have the right to use this with your friends, while texting or also while talking on the phone. If you desire to use it v someone that is roughly the same age as you however you’re not close, you can an easy add “” to do it a little an ext polite.

2) 굿모닝 – (Romanised pronunciation – Gut- mo -ning). You can use this while text massage or even while greeting someone. It literally means an excellent Morning yet written in Korean.

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So these were the different ways of saying Good Morning. How to be it? We hope these lessons have been helping you learn Korean. If friend have any doubts please leave a comment below and we’ll try our best to address it in the following lesson. Inspect out our previous lessons right here if you haven’t already.