Don’t even know how to speak hello in Turkish? we’ll spell out the basics, i m sorry greetings to use depending upon the time that day, and what to say to her boss.

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Merhaba (Hello) is more than likely the most well-known Turkish greeting, and for an excellent reason. As you can’t yes, really go wrong through it, it’s typically a great choice if you’re emotion unsure. It can be supplied at any time of day and also in any kind of context, whether formal or informal, through friends or v your boss. But past merhaba, there are countless other greetings friend should know (as well together the ideal responses come each!). Keep reading to uncover out all the methods to to speak hello in Turkish.

Mornings, Midday, and Evenings

As shortly as morning breaks, world use the greeting günaydın (Good morning), i m sorry literally method something prefer “The day is bright.” This is offered until noon when human being switch come tünaydın. Trading gün for tün (an antiquated word for night), this greeting literally way “The night is bright,” i m sorry is a rather odd greeting once you think about it.

Alternatively, yes the more common iyi günler (Good day), which can be supplied from noon till daylight wanes. From about 5 pm to 6 pm (or ideal after sunset) you can wish someone a “good evening” with iyi akşamlar. And funny fact: Both iyi günler and iyi akşamlar are offered not just as greetings but additionally for farewells — a an excellent trick if you can’t remember another means to bid adieu.

With Friends

When she with people the exact same age and your an excellent friends, selam (greetings) is the most common method of speak hello. This is often followed by Ne haber? (or N’aber? for short). You can probably currently guess the this is the tantamount of the English “How’s that going?” — however it literally means “Which news?”

To this, you should answer İyilik, senden? (Good, and you?). Alternatively, you might respond with Ne olsun? (What is it?), İyi diyelim iyi olalım (literally: “Let’s speak ‘well,’ so that things go well”) or the poetic Aynı tas aynı hamam (literally: “Same bowl, same hammam“) if you’re no in a great mood. The last one originates from the fact that in a Turkish hammam (public bath), civilization mix hot and cold water in a marble basin and then scoop it out with a bowl and pour it end themselves. The English equivalent of Aynı tas aynı hamam would be “Same as always.”

In The Islamic World

Religious Turks regularly greet each other with Selâmün aleyküm, one adaptation that the Arabic As-salāmu alaykum (Peace it is in upon you). This Arabic greeting and also its variants deserve to be heard throughout the whole Muslim world. The response to this in Turkish is (ve) aleykümü’s-selam, i beg your pardon is acquired from the Arabic wa-alaikum us-salām (And peace be upon you). Whether or no you’re religious, if she greeted in this method it’s polite come return the corresponding greeting. In general, Turks use many words and also expressions with religious connotations, like inşallah (hopefully), in everyday speech without consciously reasoning of their origins.

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For Guests and also Visitors

Whether at home or at work, tourists are always gladly obtained in Turkey. For this reason, it’s vital to know exactly how to to speak hello in Turkish because that these distinct occasions. If that one person who you’re on acquainted terms with, then usage hoş geldin. If there space multiple tourists or one visitor who you’re ~ above formal terms with, then usage hoş geldiniz. Both are tantamount to “welcome” in English. Simply as crucial as the greeting is the reply, i beg your pardon is hoş bulduk. Yes sir no indistinguishable greeting to this in English, therefore it’s far better just to memorize it. Literally, it method something favor “We uncovered it well.”

At Work

Another peculiarity of Turkish is the greeting Kolay gelsin! (It will certainly be easy), which is supplied whenever girlfriend come into contact with someone working. It could be the custodian in the office or the shop assistant in ~ the till. You deserve to even integrate this with various other greetings, like: Günyadın. Kolay gelsin!” yet whatever girlfriend do, friend should always wish for their occupational to be easy. It’s likewise common to usage Kolay gelsin come say goodbye.