One of the obstacles of discovering a new language is the "shame" factor. One deserve to feel trepidation for placing oneself out there in a method that might potentially topic oneself to ridicule.

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Of course, dealing with this factor is perhaps among the many inviting and rewarding means the experiencing personal growth. As soon as the trepidation and fear provide way, the possibilities room endless.

Therefore, i wish to start in earnest through my initiative to learn much more, through artistry and also style. That"s why ns ask this question:


Can girlfriend tell me three various ways to say "I execute not speak" but additionally in ways that have some style, sophistication and also class?

So far, this is every I need to work with, and also I am in search of some an innovative alternatives:

Je suis desolé, mais je ne comprends pas le Francais


Je suis désolé mais j"ai encore du mal avec le français

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The much more common and also simple way is:"Je ne parle pas français" or "Je ne parle pas le français".(but you must currently know that form).

A much more elaborate form would be:"Je suis désolé mais j"ai encore du mal avec le français" which you can about translate by "I to be sorry but I to be still struggling v".

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An alternative would be:"Je ne maitrise pas encore le français" which deserve to be analyzed by "I have not however mastered the language".

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ORIGINAL ANSWER (please view ADDED below for edit)

Here are some more options that might work relying on your audience:

If you"re speaking:

to a audience, you could earn part points by saying:

"Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas (encore) votre belle langue."

to a literature audience you could say either:

"Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas (encore) la langue de Molière." or

"Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas (encore) la langue de Proust (Marcel)."

and finally, to a perhaps less literary audience you might say (just kidding through this one, he"s a race automobile driver):

"Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas (encore) la langue de Prost (Alain)."

"I to be an American" and chances space that your audience will understand you and also assume that you don"t speak!>


In enhancement to considering various ways come say “” (the language) to assist to alleviate your “shame level,” you could likewise consider using different negation formations to differ the “I nothing speak” part of her dilemma to try to display not only a bit more creativity but also to present the level of progression that she making as you relocate down the list:

« Je NE parle NI NE comprends….(le français/votre belle langue/la langue de Molière/etc.) »

(I think “ne…ni…” have the right to be supplied with 2 verbs like this, yet even if not, the wrong at the very least helps to confirm the substance of what you trying come say!)

« Je NE parle JAMAIS (le français/etc.) puisque PERSONNE NE me comprend »

« Je NE parle point (le français/etc.) »

« Je NE parle PAS (le français/etc.) »

(less formal (and perhaps much less emphatic) 보다 « ne … allude »

« Je NE parle GUèRE (le français/etc.) »

« Je NE parle (le français/etc .) QU(E)’avec difficulté. »

« Je NE parle (le français/etc.) QU(E)’avec les yeux. »

Here’s a weird combination of a slang expression v « la langue de Molière » that will either get an appreciative chuckle or else increase your “shame level” ten-fold: