Christmas is a nationwide holiday in Korea and you will check out Christmas decorations and also Christmas trees approximately Seoul during the festive period. Discovering how come say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Korean is pretty simple so be certain to wish every one of your oriental friends a funny Christmas!


When speak this phrase, make certain to use the oriental pronunciation fairly than the English pronunciation. Koreans will know you better, and also it will be much more fun!

This no necessarily ‘informal’, but since it’s one English native with oriental pronunciation, there room no polite grammar signs in the phrase. Therefore, you could want come stick come the standard and also formal execution of ‘Merry Christmas’ in oriental if friend aren’t sure of exactly how much respect you must be showing.


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크리스마스 잘 보내 (keuriseumaseu jal bonae)

This is the informal variation of the same expression and can just be provided with nearby friends.

Other Christmas Words

Present: 선물 (seonmul)

Decoration: 장식 (jangsik)

Santa: 산타 (santa)

Pine tree: 소나무 (sonamu)

Snowman: 눈사람 (nunsaram)

If you looking for more Christmas vocabulary, inspect out this post!

You can use this words to help you talk about Christmas in Korea. Have actually a merry Christmas, and a Happy brand-new Year!

Give yourself the gift of understanding with oriental Phrases to aid level up your mastery!