i beg your pardon is an ext normal in hunterriverpei.com, "OK", or "オーケー", assuming one of two people of castle is in common usage?

I tried making use of the corpus on jisho.org, however the outcomes were messed up by "OK" appearing in the English version. Tatoeba didn"t get plenty of matches because that "オーケー", and many of them seemed to it is in false hits, and additionally got couple of hits because that "OK" — is neither kind commonly provided in hunterriverpei.com?



I i think by "normal in hunterriverpei.com" you average in writing, because "OK" can only be written hunterriverpei.com.

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I think this is finest answered through a body search. The national Institute because that hunterriverpei.com Language and also Linguistics offers an annotated version of the well balanced Corpus of modern-day Written hunterriverpei.com, offering the adhering to results:

4241 outcomes in total

yes sir 3849 outcomes (91%) オーケー 200 outcomes (5%) オッケー 100 results (2%) オーケイ 43 results (1%) おk 38 results (1%) オッケ 8 results おーけー 3 outcomes

To carry out this yourself, walk to http://nlb.ninjal.ac.jp/search/, find for オーケー taking you come http://nlb.ninjal.ac.jp/headword/N.00969/; walk to the 基本 tab and also expand 書字形.


They room both used commonly and we usage either one depending on situation. Anyway, they room both normal. (I think ok is normal, but this is just an opinion-based answer.)

I searched lock with just hunterriverpei.com pages top top Google. The search results:

OK - 118,000,000オーケー - 2,450,000

(I don"t to speak this has actually credibility since Ok is including English sites even if I permitted that setting...)



The term "OK" is the casual native so there is no strict usage as far as casual usege.

"OK" is オーケー and "オーケー" is OK!

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