If you’ve had your facebook account for a lengthy time, then you may have actually forgotten how long you’ve to be friends with various other users top top the website.

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Knowing exactly how long you’ve been friends through someone can offer you a possibility to celebrate her long-lasting friendship.

We have figured out how friend can find how long you’ve been friends with someone ~ above Facebook.

How come See just how Long You’ve been Friends On facebook (Step-By-Step Guide)


There room two various ways to find out just how long you’ve to be friends through someone top top Facebook.

One method requires you come remember the day that you welcomed their girlfriend request.

The other technique utilizes the task Log duty to uncover your last anniversary through your friend.

Method 1: knowing Your Anniversary


If friend remember as soon as you accepted their friend request, climate you’ll have a date of your anniversary.

Every time that date rolls around, Facebook will certainly remind you.

It will pop on her Timeline to suggest that it’s been a year since you welcomed the girlfriend request the that specific friend.

On that post, you’ll also find a year.

Facebook will tell friend how plenty of years she celebrating as friends ~ above Facebook.

If you recognize when you accepted their friend request, then you can scroll v your Timeline till you find that anniversary post.

You’ll have the answer girlfriend need.

Method 2: task Log


Not anyone remembers as soon as they embraced a girlfriend request.

It can additionally be difficult to scroll ago through a year’s precious of short articles to uncover the anniversary post.

An easier way to see exactly how long you’ve been friends through someone on facebook is with your activity log.

Follow these steps to find out exactly how long you’ve been friends ~ above Facebook v someone.

Step 1: Click The arrowhead At The height Right

When girlfriend log into Facebook, you should look because that a tiny arrow that points downwards.

It’s situated at the peak right corner of the website.

Clicking the arrow will give you a few different choices from which come choose.

You desire to click on Settings & Privacy.

Step 2: walk To task Log

Inside the your settings & Privacy window, you’ll see several choices from which come choose.

Look because that the activity Log and click the option.

The task Log has actually a copy that every short article that you ever before made.

It likewise includes something someone rather tagged girlfriend in or pointed out you in.

No one but you can see your task Log.

You can additionally choose to download your activity Log if you desire a copy of it on your computer.

Step 3: Filter Settings

Once you click your task Log, you’re going to have to filter a few things to start to narrow under your search.

Depending on just how long you’ve to be friends with someone, her anniversary could be number of pages deep.

The first filter setting you should adjust is the date.

Click top top Year because that the date.

Then pick what year you want to review.

Since she only searching for your critical anniversary article with that specific friend, the ahead year should suffice.

After you pick the year, conserve your changes.

Step 4: Select activity Type

Within the task Log, you’ll uncover that there are number of different activity types.

Each form relates come a various kind of article on Facebook.

To find how lengthy you’ve been friends through someone, you’ll want to click on the Connections task type.

This activity form covers things choose friends, connection statuses, and other articles involving connections.

It additionally includes page likes.

Step 5: find Your Anniversary

Within this part of your activity Log, you’ll have a collection of short articles that requires your friends.

It will certainly take part time, yet you have to scroll through the short articles until you discover the girlfriend anniversary v the friend you’re looking for.

The anniversary post will show how countless years you celebrating with that person.

It marks as soon as you and also that person both welcomed each other’s friend requests and also when you started interacting with one another.

That number is just how long you’ve been friends v the human on Facebook.

What various other Activity species Can You testimonial In The activity Log?


The activity Log spans number of different write-up types.

It allows you to watch all your short articles in an organized way.

Here space the activity types that you have the right to review v the task Log.

Your Posts

The bulk of the write-ups that you do on Facebook are in the Your write-ups section of the task Log.

You’ll find photos, videos, condition updates, and also other text write-ups that you made there.

It additionally includes short articles that you mutual from an additional source.

If you ever want to find an old write-up that you made, climate the Your write-ups section the the activity Log is the place to look.

You have the right to review, delete, or perform various other actions through it in the activity Log.

Activity she Tagged In

It’s basic to miss articles that someone tagged girlfriend in.

If you haven’t to be on facebook in a while, climate you can miss out on a tagged post.

You can locate it with the task Log.

The “Activity she Tagged In” ar of the task Log consist of photos, posts, and comments the a friend or someone rather tagged girlfriend in.

You can also delete the article or modify it v the task Log.

This component of the activity Log is advantageous for those who need to discover a post that they no share on your timeline themselves.


It can also be daunting to review previous comments that you do on posts.

The Interactions ar of the activity Log is helpful in this regard.

It collects every post that you ever commented on or reaction to.

If you’re searching for an old image or video clip that you loved, then you can uncover it a lot less complicated by searching through her Interactions on the task Log.

You’ll likewise find write-ups that you liked in this component of the activity Log.

Groups and Events

If you’re ever before a part of several various groups, then it deserve to be easy to shed track that information.

You might be unsure if you ever before commented ago on a post or if you preferred a certain post.

You deserve to review information about the groups and events the you’re a part of on the task Log.

It even shows information around the groups that you produced on Facebook.

The info you’ll see contains comments you made on group posts and other group-related activities.

Profile Information

Certain details around your profile show up in this ar of your task Log.

It’s a quick method to evaluation what info you’re making use of on her profile.

No one else have the right to see this information in your Log.

The information declared in her Profile info section includes things prefer your email deal with and phone number.


This part of your activity Log was defined earlier, however it’s basically whereby all the information around your friends resides.

It speak you about the relationships you have actually on Facebook, your listed family members, and your anniversaries.

Logged Actions and Other Activity

The final section the the activity Log covers previous videos the you watched.

It will display you any kind of videos the you clicked on and viewed.

It likewise tells girlfriend information about any tools that likewise share your login details with your Facebook.

You can find other helpful login details in this section of the activity Log, too.

How perform You find Things You’ve concealed On her Facebook’s Timeline?


It’s possible that you determined to hide her anniversary with your friend.

That can make it difficult to determine exactly how long you’ve to be friends through someone ~ above the platform.

Luckily, yes a way you can find hidden short articles on your timeline.

You’ll have to get back into the activity Log to execute so.

You can accessibility the task Log by clicking the downward-facing arrow at the top right the the website.

Then click on Settings & Privacy to find the task Log.

The ar you’ll desire to go to in the activity Log is the Logged Actions and also Other Activity.

Once you there, you’ll watch a switch that says concealed from Profile.

Click ~ above this and also the website will certainly take you come every article that you ever before hid.

It has actually a filter mechanism that you deserve to use to aid you discover the certain post the you’re feather for.

The easiest method to usage the filtering mechanism is to usage the date filter.

Click top top the year that you want to search and then save your changes.

Scroll through the year until you find the post that girlfriend hid.

At this point, girlfriend either have the info you need, or you can pick to unhide the post.

If friend couldn’t find the anniversary of your friendship in Connections, then it might be since you hid it, and it was moved to this section of your task Log.

Can You usage The activity Log to Hide points On her Facebook?


Yes, you can use the task Log come hide write-ups on your Facebook.

One way to think about the task Log is the it’s a nexus for all the write-ups you’ve ever before made.

Besides reviewing articles there, you can also edit them.

To hide a post that girlfriend made, you’ll require to uncover the certain post in ~ the task Log.

Refer come the different categories detailed earlier to uncover the right section that the post would it is in in.

A team post, because that example, would be in the team section.

Something concerned your friends would be in the relationships section.

Once she there, you’ll want to usage the filter to look within the year wherein you think the write-up to be.

After finding the post, you’ll want to click it.

You’ll view a Hide from profile option.

Click that to hide the post on her timeline.

While this will store others from seeing the short article on her timeline, they can still view it on other people’s timelines.

If someone common the post, then it’s on their timeline.

You can’t hide the post.

You deserve to ask them come hide their write-up through your own task Log.

Can You use the task Log to Delete short articles On Facebook?


Yes, you can use the activity Log come delete certain posts top top Facebook.

You’ll need to get in your activity Log and also find the article that you desire to delete.

Use the filter alternative to make it less complicated to discover the post.

Then click on the post.

You’ll view a Delete button.

Click that switch to delete it from your activity Log.

Deleting a post way that it’s gone from facebook forever.

You can’t regain it afterward.

If friend don’t want to remove write-ups from on facebook forever, climate you can constantly choose to relocate the short article to an archive.

You can also put the article in the trash can to provide you a duration of time come reconsider deleting it before it’s gone forever.

Can You usage The activity Log to Move articles To an Archive?


Yes, you deserve to use the task Log to move several articles into one archive.

If friend don’t want to watch your girlfriend anniversaries anymore, climate you can archive them.

An save on computer is a location on your Facebook whereby others can’t watch the posts.

Only you’re may be to check out the posts that you place in the archive.

To move your article to the archive, you require to uncover it in your activity Log.

Consider the kind of post it is to locate it easier.

Click ~ above the post and also look because that the relocate to save on computer button.

Click the to relocate the post to the archive.

It will stay in the save on computer forever or till you decide to relocate it out of the archive.

Can girlfriend Move write-ups To The rubbish In The activity Log on Facebook?


You may likewise choose to relocate your anniversary short articles to the trash.

You deserve to do so with the task Log.

Start through going to the task Log on Facebook.

Then discover the short articles that you desire to move to the trash.

Once friend click them, you’ll see a couple of options popular music up for what you deserve to do with them.

Click relocate to Trash come send the short articles to the trash.

They’ll stay in the trash because that 30 days.

Only you can view your write-ups while they’re in the trash.

At the end of 30 days, the article becomes deleted.

You won’t be able to recover deleted posts.

Before the 30 days are over, you can move the posts earlier out of the trash.

Those posts will become obtainable to check out for those who had permission to do so originally.

How perform You Delete Searches from The activity Log In Facebook?


If you want to eliminate all the searches the you made trying to uncover the anniversary of your friendship, then you have the right to do that with the activity Log.

You’ll desire to click the downward-facing arrowhead again.

Then click setups & Privacy and go to the task Log.

The ar you’ll need is Logged Actions and also Other Activity.

Click Search history on this page.

You’ll discover a collection of find queries that you made.

You have the right to delete them individually by clicking the small dots beside each query.

Then select the delete option.

If you desire to delete all her searches, then you must click Clear search at the height right edge of the page.



You can uncover out just how long you’ve to be friends with someone on on facebook by looking through the activity Log.

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The activity Log can likewise tell girlfriend a most other information around your past posts.