There is no blade on a chainsaw chain, yet instead, it has a series of sharp teeth on it. As soon as storing it, chains might get tangled up, which might be a pain to untangle. However, through the details below, even a newbie could take care of an unfortunately tangle situation.

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Prep before Untangling

First and foremost, discover a table or bench to lay the chainsaw prior to getting come work. The workspace requirements to be clear of any debris and also should no be cluttered. Try to avoid using a table the can get scratched rather easily. Also, make certain that the is sturdy, so it does not topple over through the slightest push or pull.


Is her chain old or new? Sometimes, even new ones might get entwined easily. Have actually a pair that gloves ready, either leather or work ones. The designated job-related area and the gloves will certainly ensure that there is small to no chance of snagging throughout the untangling process.

Depending top top how bad the tangling is, you may need Allen wrenches and also even screwdrivers. This could assist with acquisition the chain or chainsaw real estate off.

How do You Untangle the Chain?

If you an alert any rust or gunk, pour part lubricating oil and let that perform its magic. Chains will loosen up, and also then you might move come the next step. Organize two various loops that the tangle, one in every hand. Allow the chain hang straight downwards from this point.

While holding each loop, shot to increase the diameter the loops. Around 3 customs of width would be perfect. Continue to organize loops in her hands, and also then raise the absolute lowest part of the chain. Because chainsaw chains have tendency to it is in stiff, elevating would make the lowest part stand out like aboard.


Once a chain is pointing directly outwards, the loops in her hands will be lower in comparison. As result of gravity, the lowest ar of the chain will certainly fall. As a result, it will slide right past the loops, resulting in the chain to untangle. Repeat this process with a pair of loops increase until all of the chain is untangled.

Essential Tips because that the Process

Make certain to keep safety and security goggles and a pair of gloves through you to do the task simpler and cost-free of any type of accidents. Goggles will keep any oil or sawdust away from your eyes. And gloves will store your hands safe from the sharp chains. Be mindful not to twist and turn chains, because that can damage the teeth.

If your chain is new, then it have to be oiled fine and relatively clean, which will certainly make untangling stress-free. However, if you space working with an old chain, you can need to use some lubricating oil. Also, clean off any kind of dirt and also debris, and also untangling have to be quick and straightforward.

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Once any kind of old chains have actually been untangled, you might need come sharpen the teeth to facilitate additional use of the saw. You might easily look up some chainsaw sharpener reviews online and purchase one the suits your needs best.


Chain of the saw needs to be delicately handled, particularly if there is a bad entanglement in ~ hand. Girlfriend will should be patient to get the project done. Perform not forget come wear security gear and use some lubricating oil to do the whole procedure easier!