I am in bloodStepp"d in so far that, need to I walking no more,Returning were together tedious as go o"er. (act 3, step 4)

This quote from action 3, step 4, presents Macbeth"s emotional state complying with the killing of Banquo and also King Duncan. His quote reveals that he walk not recognize what to do, however he walk realize that to effort to discover salvation because that his crimes will certainly prove simply as tedious together the murderous course he has actually chosen for himself. 

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Macbeth utters these lines in ~ the finish of a long and emotionally charged scene. The scene begins with Macbeth welcoming his guest to "a good feast," as Lady Macbeth phone call it, come celebrate Macbeth becoming king.

Macbeth sent out murderers to death Banquo and also his son, Fleance , while castle were...

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Macbeth utters these lines at the finish of a long and also emotionally charged scene. The scene starts with Macbeth welcoming his guests to "a good feast," as Lady Macbeth phone call it, come celebrate Macbeth coming to be king.

Macbeth sent murderers to kill Banquo and his son, Fleance, if they to be riding in a park near Macbeth"s castle. One of the murderers shows up at the beginning of the feast come tell Macbeth that, back Banquo has actually been killed, Fleance escaped. Macbeth is happy to understand that Banquo is dead, and also although he"s tho concerned about Fleance, he thinks Fleance is too young to difficulty his throne:

MACBETH: . . . The worm that"s fledHath nature that gradually will gift breed,No this for the present. (3.4.32–34)

Macbeth rejoins the feast, gives praise to Banquo, and also is then appalled to view the ghost of Banquo sit in his chair in ~ the banquet table. Lady Macbeth make the efforts to carry on as if naught is amiss when Macbeth accuses his guests of play a cheat on him. He climate talks to the ghost if his guests watch him in amazement.

Just as soon as Lady Macbeth it s okay Macbeth settled down and also the feast returns somewhat to normal—Macbeth even gives a toast come Banquo—the ghost shows up again, and Lady Macbeth is forced by Macbeth"s disturbed habits to ask anyone to leaving the banquet.

Left alone v Lady Macbeth, Macbeth begins to ramble, nearly incoherently.

MACBETH: that will have actually blood: they to speak blood will have actually blood.Stones have been known to move and trees come speak;Augures and understood relations haveBy maggot pies and also choughs and rooks carried forthThe secret"st male of blood. (3.4.149–153)

For no reason, Macbeth asks Lady Macbeth what time that is. Climate he wants to know why Macduff didn"t concerned the feast. He talks about having a spy in Macduff"s household and tells Lady Macbeth that he"s going come visit the witches to find out what is walk to occur to him.

MACBETH: and also betimes ns will, to the monster sisters.More shall lock speak; for currently I to be bent come know,By the worst means, the worst. (3.4.162–164)

Macbeth then says the lines i m sorry contain the referenced quote. It"s important to look at this quote (as with any type of other quote) in context. Macbeth an initial says the from now on, he"s just going to carry out what"s in his own interest and for his own good, and also nothing is going to stand in his way.

MACBETH: because that mine very own goodAll reasons shall offer way.

Then that rationalizes, as other Educators have discussed, that he"s unable to do so much down this roadway of killing in order to acquire and keep his throne—he"s killed Duncan and also Duncan"s two guards, and also had Banquo killed, so far—that he can"t turn ago now, even if he wanted to prevent all the killing.

MACBETH: ns am in bloodStepp"d in so far that, should I wade no more,Returning were as tedious as go o"er.

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Then he speak Lady Macbeth (and us) that he has actually other ideas, "strange things," in mind along this exact same murderous road, yet he can"t talk about them till they"ve been brought out.

MACBETH: Strange things I have actually in head that will to hand,Which have to be action ere they may be scann"d. (4.3.163–169)

Macbeth adds one more line the is even an ext ominous and disturbing 보다 anything else he"s said in the scene: