Yo what increase Hak?Yo, wassup man?Another dope trackP.O.V.'s in the house3 Boyz native NewArk ProductionsHB Production!Check that out(Chorus)You acquired what ns wantI gained what girlfriend needBabyBabyYou obtained what ns wantI gained what you needBabyI'm beggin' you, pleaseI never thought in fairytalesGirl, till I met youYou've readjusted my lifeMy mind, mine daysNow I recognize that desires come trueI check out your challenge in everything i execute (I do)I just can't live without youI can't to express the way you do me feelBut these feelings space true

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(Chorus)You obtained what I want ('cause you're mine baby)I got what friend needBabyBabyYou gained what ns wantI acquired what friend needBabyI'm beggin' you, pleaseI desire you moreEach and also every dayYou've to be controllin' mine heartThe biggest love the you'll ever uncover (yeah)I'll give you the world, heyI'll shot to love friend in so countless waysJust to see you smileAll this loveIs waiting below for youJust provide me a try(Chorus x2)You acquired what ns wantI obtained what girlfriend needBabyBaby
You gained what I want (what i want)I gained what you need (what friend need)BabyI'm beggin' you, pleaseYou gained what I want (what i want)I gained what you needBabyBabyYou gained what I desire (what i want)You acquired what I need (what friend need)BabyI'm beggin' you, pleaseLord knows that I'll carry out anythingFor youCome go v me, ladyGirl can't friend seeYou simply can't lose>YoYou gained what i wantI gained what you needSo dear, gain off the frontin' tipYou desire me too, therefore let's proceed

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I had to step to you quickMy brother tryna gain with me
Yo g, this one's for Marc, EUgh, yeah, so obtain off the thatE, I'm a real mackHB, and I'm every thatYo, ns never believed in fairytales till I met yaIf you desire it climate I'll allow yaWell it's on (ugh, yeah)(Chorus x2)You acquired what i wantI acquired what you need (you've got it, baby)BabyBabyYou obtained what ns wantI gained what you needBaby (baby)I'm beggin' you, please (begging friend please)You gained what I want (you acquired it, baby)I got what friend needBaby (everything)Baby (gonna be alright)You obtained what I desire (seven job a week)I got what you need (morning, noon, and night)BabyI'm beggin' you, pleaseWhat you wantWhat friend need, I got itWhat girlfriend wantWhat girlfriend need, I acquired itWhat you wantWhat girlfriend need, I obtained itWhat girlfriend wantWhat you need, I acquired it(Chorus)You got what I desire (come closer, baby)I got what you require (I wanna touch friend there)Baby (baby)Baby (oh, don't it is in scared)You acquired what I desire ('cause ns won't hurt you)I got what you need (I acquired what you need)Baby (my baby)I'm beggin' you, please(I'm begging friend please)