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So, another bit of arbitrarily translation. Today, top top a whim, I chose to come up through the Esti because that the "I ready explosive runes this morning" meme, which to be born in the bespeak of the pole webcomic and has because become miscellaneous of a to run gag in part quarters the D&D fandom. I've offered it myself.For the uninitiated, explosive runes is a standard D&D spell. Actors on any piece the writing, it causes an explosion when someone else subsequently reads the magicked words. It's supposed to booby-trap stuff the magician doesn't desire other people messing with—although it's a bit of an all-or-nothing defense unless the ingredient in question is fireproof.
This seemed like a simple enough project; i did not suppose it come turn right into an all-day affair and also a really lengthy post.
Other 보다 "I", I have actually no existing Esti vocabulary to job-related with, and also there's nothing in (1) or (2) for any of this words. But because most of this terms faced magic, ns have another source: Draconic. Primitive elves learned arcane magic from the dragons, and also picked up a the majority of magic-related vocabulary in the process.(7) had a Draconic word from scroll, sjir, from which I obtained syir for the Esti word because that magical writing. Ns think it's plausible that the definition could have actually shifted native "scroll" come "writing top top a scroll" end the millennia. That's the root adjective; the contemporary common form is syira, the plural of which would certainly be cesyira.In a comparable vein, ns was at first going to use the Draconic because that fire, ixen, as the root for explosive. But I've chose I desire to usage that because that magical or element fire instead. Some editions the D&D attract a clear difference between normal and magical fire.So I'm beginning from scratch. Elves being elves, ns thought about the experience of an explosion. It's not just fire, it's force, an widening shockwave. I already have words because that fire and also wind, so possibly the word might be based upon them? A fiery wind? other than "wind" is kinda mild, therefore I obtained a brand-new word for gale native the Draconic word for air. Climate mashed that up v fire and one that the common verb end to come up v athril, "to explode".I've to fill in a many the derivational affixes I provided way earlier when, little bit by bit, but I hadn't obtained to most of the verb ones so far. Including the one because that the top quality or process of a verb. I determined it would be a prefix, because most that the verb affixes have actually been for this reason far, and also came up with ul(i)-. And also ar(a)- for the result of a verb, while i was in ~ it. That provided me ulathril because that "explosive" and also arathril for "explosion".When ns was developing IPA notations because that the existing words from (1) and (2), I discovered myself comes up with a number of new words that didn't have any kind of assigned definitions yet. I took among them to make the verb "to prepare": levéd. And I made decision it would certainly specifically refer to the prepare or memorizing the spells that D&D wizards have to do, quite than simply being a carbon copy that the English word. I came up with another word, esríad, to stand for the more general variation of "to prepare". (As usual, the verbs are accented top top the 2nd syllable. The acute accents space optional).I don't have any existing word because that "morning", but I do have actually words for "dawn" acquired from (2), consisting of a it s too dirty adverb form, niën. Putting it every together:cesyira ulathril, nïli levéd niën/ˈkɛsjɪrə ˈuːlɑːθrɪl, ˈniːliː lɛˈvɛd ˈniːeɪn/(runes explosive, ns prepare adv(t)-dawn)I all set explosive runes this morningVocabulary:
arathril (/ˈɑrəˌθrɪl/): n. Explosionarésriad (/ɑˈrɛsriːæd/): n. Preparationathril (/ˈɑːθrɪl/): v. Come explodeesríad (/ɛsˈriːæd/): v. Come prepare, to get readyishen (/ˈɪʃɛn/): adj(r). Magical fireisha (/ˈɪʃə/): n. Miracle firelevéd (/lɛˈvɛd/): v. Come prepare or memorize arcane spellsniën (/ˈniːeɪn/): adv(t). Dawnniës (/niːˈeɪs/): adj(r). Dawnniësa (/niːˈeɪsə/): n. Dawnsyir (/sjɪr/): adj(r): rune, magical writingsyira (/ˈsjɪrə/): n: rune, wonder writingsyiren (/ˈsjɪrɛn/): adj: runicthraena (/ˈθreɪɨnə/) n. Gale, strong windthraenen (/ˈθreɪɨnɛn/) adj.

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Gale, solid windulathril (/ˈuːlɑːθrɪl/): adj. ExplosiveTL;DR: cesyira ulathril, nïli levéd niën