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"I remember You" is a song by American heavy metal band Skid Row. It to be released in November 1989 as the third solitary from their eponymous debut album. The power ballad was composed by bandmates Rachel Bolan and also Dave "the Snake" Sabo. It reached number six on the united state Billboard warm 100 and also number twenty-three ~ above the Mainstream absent Tracks in early on 1990.

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The song also charted at number two in new Zealand, number 12 in Ireland, number 14 in Canada, number 18 in Finland and also number 36 ~ above the UK Singles Chart. In 2003, Skid Row, this time featuring brand-new lead singer Johnny Solinger, tape-recorded a 2nd version that the song entitled "I Remember girlfriend Two." The song appears in the album Thickskin.more »

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Woke up to the sound of putting rainThe wind would certainly whisper and also I"d think the youAnd all the tears girlfriend cried, that referred to as my nameAnd as soon as you required me I come throughI repaint a photo of the days unable to do byWhen love go blind and you would certainly make me seeI"d rigid a lifetime right into your eyesSo that ns knew the you to be there because that meTime ~ time you there for meRemember yesterday, walking hand in handLove letters in the sand, ns remember youThrough the sleepless nights with every endless dayI"d want to hear friend say, ns remember you five ohWe spent the summer with the peak rolled downWished ever after would certainly be favor thisYou stated I love girlfriend babe, there is no a soundI claimed I"d offer my life for just one kissI"d live for her smile and also die for your kissRemember yesterday, walking hand in handLove letters in the sand, i remember youThrough the sleepless nights with every countless dayI"d desire to hear friend say, ns remember youWe"ve had our share of tough timesBut that"s the price us paidAnd v it all we preserved the promise that us madeI oath you"ll never ever be lonelyWoke approximately the sound of putting rainWashed away a dream of youBut nothing else can ever take you away"Cause you"ll always be my dream come trueOh mine darling, ns love youRemember yesterday, wade hand in handLove letters in the sand, i remember youThrough the sleepless nights through every endless dayI"d desire to hear you say, ns remember youRemember yesterday walking hand in handLove letter in the sand i remember youThrough the sleepless nights, v every endless dayI"d wanna hear girlfriend say i remember, ns remember you, five yeah

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