David Cross claims Filming Alvin & the chipmunks 3 Was horrible Comedian David overcome starred in three of the 4 Alvin and also the squirrel movies, yet it was making the third entry the he uncovered intolerable.

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David overcome Alvin and also the Chipmunks
Actor and also comedian David Cross has opened up around his terrible experience filming Alvin and also the chipmunks 3. Based on the above 1950s new record, the 3 chipmunk brothers have actually gone top top to worldwide fame, with every little thing from tv programs come toys and films to their credit.

After preserving a renowned persona throughout the 1980s thanks to NBC’s successful Alvin and the squirrel animated series, that took almost two decades for the IP to get another major foothold on popular culture. The concept, in which three chipmunk brothers (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) space taken in by a struggling songwriter and also end up achieving music market fame, to be prime because that a reboot. Together a result, the first movie arrived in 2007 and was soon complied with by three sequels. To date, every entry in the franchise has actually done significantly well at package office, despite reviews have not constantly been favorable. Because that his part, Cross, who plays the knevish Ian Hawke, did not return because that 2015’s Alvin and also the Chipmunks: The road Chip, together his contract just stipulated he star in three Chipmunk films.

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While speaking v Chipmunks co-star Justin long on Long’s Life is Short podcast, overcome revealed that although his experience filming the first and second movies in the franchise was fine, filming the 3rd entry, Alvin and also the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was awful. Cross appears to have conflicted feelings about having been involved with the franchise, and his time top top the 3rd movie certainly left a bad taste in his mouth:

Doing the third Alvin and also the chipmunks movie, was so, uh, they us were therefore disrespectful that me and so mean, like just petty and weird and also I can tell you a bunch of various anecdotes of choose – the was really strange because when you think of, and also let me placed this with the… to preface this by saying ns can’t tell friend how plenty of parents over the years have been like, ‘Man, say thanks to you for doing that since I had to watch the f***ing thing forty times and also at least you’re funny’ and also at least this, you recognize – I’ve acquired than comment a million times, it always makes me feel better. That in connect with kids who are choose ‘Hey! you uncle Ian!’; children loved it, and also it was international, I typical I got recognized in Mozambique, top top a coast in Mozambique, but, it was nuts. But, yeah, they were so shi**y come me and also I constantly like, you know, the stuff that’s funny, that’s not in the script. It is stuff the I’m working on and also I’m a professional and also I come in and I understand my lines and I’m there once I’m claimed to be and also I come up with new things and I pitch things.

because that fans of Cross, it constantly was a little strange come see the fearless comedian star in a movie series as kid-friendly together Alvin and also the Chipmunks is. But the fact of life together a working actor is that occasionally the functions that come aren’t always the most ideal ones. As Cross pertained to Long, his fame has actually grown substantially due to the fact that doing the movies, yet while it’s good to it is in recognized globally for his function in a children’s movie series, what pan really want from cross is his familiar brand of humor without the hassles of having actually to save things kid-friendly.

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But the course, because that those Cross pan who have actually children, the Alvin and also the Chipmunks movies space a blessing – or in ~ the very least, Cross’ authorized in lock is. The somewhat tough to think that Cross’ relationship with the collection lasted 3 films, provided his notoriously outspoken nature. However, the comedian’s involvement was contractually based, and also it appears that his therapy during Alvin and the chipmunks 3 was actually the last straw because that Cross.