1. An excellent question around popcorn. While visiblelight does have greater energy 보다 microwaves, fora product to absorb energy, a problem calledresonance need to be met. A an easy example ofresonance would be native recognizing the differentcolors of light possess various energies. Redlight is soaked up by a environment-friendly material becausethere is a resonance condition between the colorof the material and also the shade (energy) that thelight. Environment-friendly light has higher energy 보다 redlight, but green irradiate is not absorbed by a greenmaterial (and the is why that is green).

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Similarly, if the water in the corn has actually aresonance condition for taking in the microwaves(which it does and therefore heats up), over there isno resonance condition for the corn come absorbvisible light and turn it into heat.

2. As soon as a gas is tuned into a plasma,the adjust is an ext like a short-term chemicalchange (the gas is ionized withelectrons being eliminated from atoms) fairly than aphysical change. There is thus noequivalent the "melting" or "boiling" for thechange in between a gas and a plasma. One coulduse the term "ionization" but this have to not becompared v "evaporation".

Answer 2:

1. The problem here is the difference betweenenergy that a photon (indeed microwave photons havelower energy) and intensity (i.e. Number ofphotons). A usual 100 Watt light pear deliversonly a tiny section of that energy as visiblelight.. (Less 보다 1%). ~ above the various other hand,a common 900Watt microwave oven offers 1200W orpower and also delivers about 900W of microwaves. Someyears earlier I supplied a CO2 laser deliveringabout 150W to reduced sapphire substrates. It slicedthe material, around 2mm thick and almost as hardas diamond at around 3 inches every second... Component ofthe worry is that visible light sources are veryinefficient --even LED"s are only in the 20%range, in ~ best.

2. The phase adjust from a gasto a plasma is dubbed ionization -- whichrefers come the stripping of part electrons native theneutral atoms. The term precedes the concept ofthinking of plasma as a fourth phase ofmatter. ns don"t recognize the term for gascondensation from a plasma.

Answer 3:

Turning a gas to a plasma is calledionization, and also the reverse process is calledrecombination.

A gas can come to be a plasmaeven if just a portion of its atoms loseelectrons. The necessary feature that a plasma isthat the has enough electrons and positive ionsflying roughly to be electrically conductive(whereas gases are good insulators). Plasma"sconductivity provides it behave in different way than gasin various other ways, too. for example, plasma isbound come magnetic fields and also can bring magneticfields with it, yet ordinary gases have nointeraction through magnetic fields.

Plasma is actually byfar the most usual phase in the universe. Stars room made the plasma, and also most space "gas" isactually plasma. There are plenty of other phasesbesides the an easy four: spirit stars room made of"degenerate matter", i beg your pardon is as thick asan plane carrier in a tobacco lighter.

Super-cold helium can become "superfluid", whichmeans it deserve to do a whole bunch succinct tricks (likeescape containers by climb the walls). Somematerials have a zoo that phases in between solid andliquid, jointly called "liquid crystals".

Answer 4:

1. It"s one absorption feature problem. The sizeof the electrical dipole the a water molecule ison the very same order of dimension as the wavelength ofmicrowave light, do water moleculesperfect antennas at that frequency. Together a result,exposing water molecule to microwave light willcause castle to spin, generating friction,and thus heat. much shorter wavelength light cannotcause water molecules to spin prefer that because theyare too big, and longer wavelength lightcannot impart enough energy, return they can ona much longer antenna (e.g. Radio tide excite a radioantenna).

2. The shift from gas to plasma iscalled "ionization". over there is a word for thereverse, however "molecularization" is probablyreasonable (gasses being created of molecules).

Answer 5:

What, aren"t girlfriend satisfied with howmicrowave ovens work? below are part problemswith structure an optical wave range to consider:

1) Microwaves mostly communicate only v the water infood. An optical wave range would communicate withjust around everything in part way. Therefore everythinggets yes, really hot. Also, optical more than likely wouldn"tpenetrate as conveniently into the food together the microwavedoes.

2) ns don"t think anyone has actually made a wayto create optical strength the way we deserve to formicrowaves. The would need to be miscellaneous likebeing inside the tube of a high power laser.

3)How execute you build a crate to contain all thisoptical energy?

I think friend would call it"ionization" as the process of going native gasto plasma involves ionizing the atoms or, in otherwords, separating electron from the atomicnuclei. The surname we use in mine field(astrophysics/cosmology) because that going native ionizedto neutral gas is "recombination." A quicksearch ~ above the net tells me that plasma physicistsprobably usage these terms also.

Answer 6:

Microwaves do have actually a longer wavelength thanvisible light and also that does average that they have actually alower energy. Microwaves are able to pop thepopcorn by disrupting the rotational activity of thewater save on computer in the popcorn kernel. By disruptingthis motion, the water starts to move aroundfaster and eventually pressure construct will popular music thekernel. I likewise believe the microwave light ismore intense than visible light. By this ns meanthat if you were to rise the soot ofvisible light, together as having actually a particular amount ofvisible light lugged down to a point resource likea LASER, 보다 you would be able to pop thepopcorn.

Answer 7:

You space absolutely right about the relationshipbetween wavelength and also energy. If you want toheat something increase by bombarding it v radiation,then ultraviolet light will certainly work much better thanvisible light, and also you"ll be sitting aroundforever waiting for her popcorn if friend useinfrared light or radio waves. This kind ofheating works just by increasing the velocity ofthe molecule in the object. Luckily because that theshareholders of general Electric, there"s more toit than that.

What you need to know is thatdifferent wavelength of light have differenteffects on individual molecules. UV light hasenough power to break chemical bonds, which iswhy you get skin cancer -- UV native the sunbreaks bond in the DNA of skin cells. Visiblelight can"t rest bonds, however it can knockelectrons up to a higher orbital state --chlorophyll, retinal, and other pigments work bychanging their shape in response to this type ofelectron movement. Microwave radiation is tooweak come do any kind of of those things, however what it can dois reason polar molecules to isolate. Youprobably know that water is a dipole since oneside of the molecule has non-bonded electronsorbiting the oxygen atom (and is thereforeslightly negative), and also the other side has actually the twohydrogen atom that are somewhat confident becausethe electrons "shared" in between the O andH atom spend an ext time orbitingthe large O cell core (which has lots that protons)than the tiny H nuclei (which have only oneproton). so the water molecule is really muchlike a tiny magnet with a + pole and also a -pole. If you placed this dipole in a magneticfield it would certainly orient itself follow me the magneticfield, similar to a little magnet moves if you holdit near a huge magnet. If you placed a dipole in anoscillating magnetic field of the ideal frequency,the dipole will certainly oscillate, too. Well, tide ofelectromagnetic radiation have actually that name becausethey"re make of an oscillating electric wave andan oscillating magnetic wave. And it wake up thatthe microwave radiation we usage in microwaveovens has a magnetic component v preciselythe ideal frequency to cause water dipoles tooscillate. So you placed a glass of water in themicrowave oven, and also the microwaves start flowing. The microwaves reason the water molecules to startoscillating, and also this oscillation heats up theglass the water.

The microwaves don"t make molecules movearound and also heat up favor UV radiation would, butit does reason molecular motion by make thewater dipoles oscillate. together a result,microwaves only warmth up things with water in them,so friend can"t heat up a brick in a microwave. Yourkid sister"s Easy-Bake oven with a stronglightbulb in that will warm up the brick, but it"sgoing to take a lot much longer to cook a glass ofwater!

As because that your second question, i don"t recognize of aname for the phase change. A rapid look on theinternet appears to show that over there isn"t a namefor plasma-related phase changes. On the one handthis makes sense, due to the fact that things don"t readjust backand forth from plasma very often, so we don"treally need a surname for that. Top top the various other hand,scientists love specify name things, and we have plentyof an intricate names that space perfectly useless, therefore it"ssort of surprising the nobody has invented a namefor plasma step changes. For this reason if you want a funproject, you have to just design a name for agas-plasma phase change.

Post the on theinternet, and the next time somebody is wonderingwhat the name for that is, they"ll find your name.

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Bam -- you"ve invented a scientific term! also better, you might find a physicist somewherewho works on plasma. Email him or her and suggestyour term. If you gain a physicist to begin usingyour term, climate it will absolutely take off.

Either that or you"ll find out what the realanswer come your inquiry is.