If endothermic reaction absorb warmth from the surroundings, how can they be spontaneous, if warmth only flows from high temp to low temp objects?


A spontaneous endothermic reaction can occur when the transforms in enthalpy and also entropy productivity a negative Gibbs complimentary energy. An endothermic reaction can be voluntarily if entropy increases by much more than the readjust in enthalpy.

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$\\Delta G = \\Delta H - T\\Delta S$

For endothermic r̥eactions, $\\Delta H$> 0 and thus if the value of $-T\\Delta S$ overshadows the $\\Delta H$ value (usually at really high temperatures) climate the as whole value the $\\Delta G$ becomes negative and thus the reaction becomes spontaneous.


At the finish of the work spontaneity boils under to the sign of \"Gibbs free Energy\"so if the $\\Delta G= \\Delta H- T\\Delta S$ offers you a an adverse value climate the procedure would it is in spontaneous.



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