Islam had a an excellent impact top top the culture of north Africa. It influenced the way people lived consisting of their government, trade, and education.

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Muslim ConquestThe faith of Islam started in the middle East throughout the beforehand 600s CE. Not long after the fatality of the prophet Muhammad in 632 CE, the Arabs started to expand their empire. They first invaded northern Africa in 647 CE. They overcame much the the land, however turned ago after beating Libya in return for tribute (payment).The Arabs when again invaded in 665 CE. This time they dominated virtually every one of north Africa native Egypt come the Atlantic Ocean and also Morocco. They ongoing to fight versus the armies of the byzantine Empire and the local peoples (the Berbers) for numerous years. Through the year 709 CE, all of northern Africa was firmly under Arab control.
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As a an outcome of Arab rule, numerous northern africans were convert to Islam. Islam had actually a far-reaching impact top top the culture of north Africa. Back some neighborhood traditions and also values were often incorporated right into the religion, Islam had actually a unifying affect in the government, the culture, the architecture, and also the economy.
The MaghrebThe area of north Africa that come under Muslim dominion is dubbed the Maghreb. The Maghreb stretches from the border of Egypt and also Libya every the method to the Atlantic Ocean and the nation of Mauritania. It includes the contemporary day nations of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, west Sahara, and also Mauritania.The human being who originally resided in the Maghreb are dubbed the Berbers. The Berbers are similar in ethnicity and also speak similar languages, called Berber languages. Back the Berbers initially dealt with back versus the Muslim conquest, castle were at some point converted to Islam and also took on lot of the Muslim culture.
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The MoorsAfter northern Africa (the Maghreb) was conquered by the Arabs, the people of north Africa became known as the Moors. The Moors were a very an effective people in the Mediterranean throughout the center Ages. Castle not only controlled all of northern Africa, yet invaded Europe in ~ one allude controlling lot of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) and also the island of Sicily (Italy).Expansion right into EuropeIn 711, the Moors attacked Europe v an army led by basic Tariq ibn Ziyad. Tariq and also his men caught much of the Iberian Peninsula (the an ar that is today Spain and also Portugal). The Moors held control over this soil for numerous years till they were lastly forced the end by the Christian Reconquista in 1492.Central AfricaIslam additionally spread to the empires of main Africa mainly through profession relations throughout the Sahara Desert. Islam played crucial role in both the realm of Mali and also the Songhai Empire. Possibly the most famed Muslim of central Africa was the Mali Emperor Mansa Musa. After Mansa Musa was converted come Islam, that made a legendary trip to Mecca (in Saudi Arabia). Records indicate that as countless as 60,000 world traveled with him on his journey.

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Interesting Facts about Islam in AfricaIslam is quiet the leading religion in phibìc Africa today.When under the ascendancy of the Arabs, north Africa was part of a kingdom called the "caliphate". The oldest Islamic mosque in Africa is the good Mosque of Kairouan which was built in 670 CE.The Muslims lugged with castle many technological advancements consisting of mathematics (numerals and also algebra), astronomy, medicine, and also geography.ActivitiesPharaohsShaka ZuluSundiataGeographyCountries and ContinentNile RiverSahara DesertTrade courses OtherTimeline of ancient AfricaGlossary and TermsWorks CitedHistory for children >> old Africa >> Islamic realm for Kids


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