1 : a country, business, etc., that is controlled by a small group of world Their nation is an oligarchy.

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2 : a government in i m sorry a little group exercises manage especially for corrupt and selfish objectives a military oligarchy was developed in the country likewise : a group working out such regulate an oligarchy rule the nation.

Oligarchy and Other Words because that Rulers more Example sentence Learn much more About oligarchy

Oligarchy and Other Words because that Rulers

Oligarchy is one of countless English words because that a kind of rule or government. Some of these words, such together plutocracy, have actually an exceedingly similar meaning (both may be used to express to rule by an financial elite, however oligarchy often has the added connotation the corruption). Besides these two, we have actually meritocracy “a device in which the talented space chosen and moved front on the basis of their achievement,” monarchy “a kind of federal government in i beg your pardon a country is ruled by a king or queen,” ochlocracy “government by the mob," and also gerontocracy “rule by elders,” among many others.

Their country is one oligarchy. one oligarchy rules their nation. The coporation, group is ruled by oligarchy.

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Recent examples on the web for example, why is there a technology oligarchy in the US? — Steve Andriole, Forbes, 11 Oct. 2021 Chile"s constitutional assembly is supposed to try to border the privileges of one elite v a leading hold on political power, that still acts together an oligarchy. — Daniela Mohor W., CNN, 4 July 2021 In others, the new World bespeak is not around race or religion yet oligarchy. — Mike Giglio, The brand-new Yorker, 28 July 2021 The 3rd Reconstruction need to aim to end -- once and for all -- the oligarchy of affluent Whites by creating an America in i beg your pardon all space equal at the vote booth, the school, the clinic and the workplace. — Jeffrey D. Sachs, CNN, 25 may 2021 the general public has come to be increasingly conscious of and frustrated by corruption dealings between Mexico’s narrow oligarchy of billionaires and also the political class. — Nathaniel Parish Flannery, Forbes, 19 Apr. 2021 desire to imagine life if the public-health oligarchy had totally free rein? — Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ, 15 Apr. 2021 This is not simply a transition in our philosophy, but also a denial of specific hurdles such as literacy tests that have been supplied as details tools of gyeongju oppression in American history and as tools of oligarchy in Latin American history. — Dan Mclaughlin, National Review, 31 Mar. 2021 others worried the a digital oligarchy of huge tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and Amazon through the unchecked strength to silence individuals represents a hazard to democracy. — Malkia Devich-cyril, Wired, 31 Jan. 2021

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