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i gained in touch through zenetti wheels and also they told me 5x4.5 is the same bolt pattern as 5x115.. Deserve to anyone confirm this?
i acquired in touch v zenetti wheels and also they said me 5x4.5 is the exact same bolt pattern together 5x115.. Have the right to anyone confirm this?
No, it\"s not. 5x4.5 is 5x114.3. It\"s rare for a wheel agency to recommend placing 5x114.3 wheel on a 5x115 application, but...It can be done, in *most* cases, with hubcentric rings. But the technical answer come your inquiry is \"no\".
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You can do it, you do NOT need the hubcentric rings either (heck, the darn things space plastic anyways!). The wheels will \"center\" top top the lugs (just prefer all aftermarket wheel do). I\"ve obtained the 114.3 BC rims on my CTS and also have suffered 0 problems.
You can do it, you carry out NOT need the hubcentric rings either (heck, the bland things room plastic anyways!). The wheels will \"center\" top top the lugs (just choose all aftermarket wheels do). I\"ve gained the 114.3 BC rims on mine CTS and also have experienced 0 problems.

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You\"ve posted this before, and also I\"m no trying to be argumentative, BUT, since every wheel generally has a different size bore, part wheels deserve to work an extremely well without hubcentric wheels, and also others carry out NOT occupational well in ~ all. The hubcentric wheels have the right to be made of plastic or aluminum because all they carry out is guarantee that the wheel, everytime it\"s mounted, is perfectly centered on the hub so the the lug nuts perform not distort the lugs. The hubcentric rings carry out NOT support any kind of weight.If girlfriend have accessibility to hubcentric rings because that the wheels you setup to use, ns would use them together an included safety/performance benefit.
2004 Cadillac CTS (**SOLD** :crying: ): http://www.ctsowners.com2004 Pontiac GTO: http://www.myyellowgto.com
OK, hears the deal! 5x114.3 is about .8mm off from 5x115. Many aftermarket wheel manufacturers just make 5x114.3. (5x115 is an extremely rare, and also even if they sell it and they also offer the 5x114.3, chances are the only difference is the brand on the box! Seriously) correctly it works and also yes you need a hub centric. If you perform not usage the hub centric you run the danger of the wheel not being facility resulting in vibration type of choose driving on the end of balance wheels. Zenetti just makes 5x114.3 bolt patterns and also it works. Just put ~ above a set of Zenetti 5s on my CTS. My wheel guy said i may have probs with the bolt pattern leading to vibrations yet I take it the chance and also they are fine, no vibes. We space talking a ns hair difference, yet its has been recognized for human being to gain a little vibration even while using the hub centric. If girlfriend look in the photo album my vehicle is the white diamond with the 5s on it. Make certain you usage the hub centric basically since if you torque under the very first lug it will pull it to the lug and you just lost your center. What wheels room you reasoning of going with?