Quick View: Matter The matter is everything approximately you. The issue is something that has VOLUME and MASS. Issue is made up of incredibly tiny particles called atoms and molecules. One atom is written of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Says of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasmas, and Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC). Physical Properties of Matter: color, shape, texture, odor, taste, malleability, conductivity, elasticity, magnetism, loved one density, mass, opacity, volatility, diffusion, transparency and also solubility.

Heterogeneous Mixture:

Hetero” is a Greek word that way “different,” “genus” way “kind.”

In a heterogeneous mixture, substances are NOT same mixed. The components of this mixtures space noticeably different from one another.

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Examples:Sand and also waterOil and also waterSalt and also pepper

If us take two samples native a mixture that sand and also water, the proportions the the contents in each sample will be different.

➤ compound is a pure substance made up of two or an ext elements an unified chemically. E.g. H2 + O = H2O (water).

➤ Particles lose their original properties. H2 (gas) + O (gas)= H2O (liquid)

➤ Compounds space homogeneous.

➤ Compounds can not be separated by physical method. Deserve to you separate hydrogen and oxygen from a glass that water?

➤ Every compound has its very own chemical formula. H2O (water), CO2 (carbon dioxide),

➤ Compounds have fixed composition by mass. H2O (2 atom of hydrogen and also one oxygen) = water. H2O2 (2 atoms of hydrogen and also two atom of oxygen) = hydrogen peroxide.

➤ A compound has a addressed melting suggest and boil point.

➤ Examples: water, carbon dioxide, sodium chloride etc.

➤ A mixture is no a pure substance, consisted of of two or more substances blended physically. E.g. NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) = saltwater.

➤ Particles retain their initial properties. Sand (solid)+ Water(liquid) = Sandwater (solid+liquid)

➤ Mixtures may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

➤ Compounds deserve to be separated by physics method. You have the right to separate pebbles and water quickly from a pebble-water mixture.

➤ Mixtures have no chemistry formula.

➤ Compounds have actually not fixed composition by mass.Salt (less) + water = saltwaterSalt (more) + water = saltwater

➤ A mixture go not have a addressed melting point and boil point.

➤ Examples: air, lemonade, salad dressing, sand-water etc.

Identify each substance as a compound, an element, a heterogeneous mixture, or a homogeneous mixture.

When friend mix your favourite cereals in milk because that breakfast.Filtered teafreshly squeezed orange juiceTable sugarIronSalad dressingWaterGoldTable saltOxygen

Hints (to distinguish pure substance, element, compound, mixture, homogeneous mixture, heterogeneous mixture) :

Decide even if it is a substance is chemically pure. Is that made of only one type of atom or molecule? If YES, the problem is either an element or a compound.Can it be separated into its elements, if YES, it is a link otherwise the is one element.If a problem is no chemically pure, it is either a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture.If its composition is uniform throughout, the is a homogeneous mixture, otherwise that is a heterogeneous mixture.

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Answer: 1. Heterogeneous mixture, 2.homogeneous mixture 3.heterogeneous mixture 4. Link 5. Facet 6. Heterogeneous mixture 7. Link 8. Aspect 9. Compound 10. Element

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